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Opera 9.6 is out!


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Opera 9.6 is out today. Click help and check for upgrade if you don't have it already.

Have Opera set as yoru default web browser and want to get Photosynth to work In Opera? Here is what I did to get it working.

Install Photosynth as normal and test it in Internet Explorer. Make sure its working. Then, upgrade Opera to 9.6 and go to the photosynth website. Microsoft will tell you your not running a compatible browser, and blah blah blah. If you thought, oh, Ill just mask as IE and all will be good, doesn't work. It then tells you to install Photosynth and that its optimized for IE7+. So, change your User Agent settings to "Mask as FireFox" and refresh the web page(Plugins, Cookies, and Javascript have to be enabled as well) and then click the explore button on the photosynth site, and you can now use Photosynth in Opera! If it doesn't load them and you get a green webpage, just refresh the page and it should load.

I <3 Opera!

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