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Hey, I'm pretty new here.

I'm just looking for a little help with a batch file my boss wants.

When we upgrade networks we need to copy a bunch of stuff off (Address book, Inbox, Etc..)

I made a simple copy batch but they got sick of the drive letter changing, so I said I would try and make one where it would ask you for the drive letter before it starts copying so they didn't have to edit the file on each computer.

I need help with the 'set' command.

I have never used it before and I'm completely clueless as to how it works.

I need just a little bit of code that will ask for user input, something like; "What is the drive letter? :" kinda thing.

So, I can call back on the variable through out the code rather then "E:\" I can use "Variable_name:\" kinda thing.

Thanks in advanced.

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Use something like this, it may need a little modding:

set /p drive= Enter drive letter: 
xcopy C:\files %drive%:\

%drive% will change based on the user's input, but be careful because you cannot use %drive% in ""

example of what would NOT work:

xcopy C:\file "%drive%:\Documents and Settings"

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You bumped it, I'll now answer it.

To make this script completely useful use:

set "drive=%~d0"

This is saying that your using the drive that the script is running from, so you could even use this on your local computer because it'll just pick the C partition (or the one your using).

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