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  1. I did some digging today and I think I found some documentation to get me going in the right direction: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/RoutedLans However, the problem is one of the networks is in the process of being converted from a to a with half the network on each network. My primary network (home) is also a network. I'm not home right now, but I assume if I change my home network to I can just add the following to my server.conf: route push "route" T
  2. Using PIVPN, I configured openvpn on a Raspberry Pi at home. As far as I can tell ( I'm new to openVPN ) there is no administration GUI when installing openvpn on the pi. I have a couple locations I work from: home, lab, office, remote. My overall plan for setting up openVPN is to allow me to access each of the network when I am at other networks or remote. I came across 'Introducing the LAN Turtle' video by Hak5 on youtube and I can see they configured the LAN Turtle to act as a VPN Gateway and this grants that kind of access. However, they were able to do so by using the web gui. H
  3. was reading thread hit wrong button, sorry for the bump
  4. It's been well over a year since I've last posted. Granted my post wasn't made on the best of terms, all I have to say is oh well. That being said, most of you should know me. When I first joined this site it was in attempts to try and create a batch based program that would allow me to rip JPGs. Vako, thanks again. Any who I was digging through some old computer bins and found a flash drive with the program that ended up being USP Pic Rip. For shits and giggles I recently re-wrote it, and added some extra functionality. This time through there is a config. And a working UHARC compression.
  5. Obi that is hella fast too. Mind releasing the code. XD?
  6. actually if you want tell me what exactly you want to be backed up and I can code something for you.
  7. :: USB Pic Rip v2.0.1 :: Scans computer for images. :: Images are then transfered :: to connected Flash drive. :: ~AaoN~ Monday, September 3rd, 2007 :: Revised Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 @ECHO OFF :: Gives program title. title USB Pic Rip v2.0.1 ::Set your flash drive SET fla=%cd:~0,2% ::Set File type to Rip. To use uncomment next line and comment the preceding :SET /p file=filetype: set file=jpg :: Checking to see if Rip directory exists if exist rip goto next md rip :: Copy tools to one location for future use. :next copy far.jpg c: ::For archive on uncomment lext line. :copy uharc.
  8. *sigh* im rather contempt about ur "owning" abilities, when u cant even pick up the line in his code that says. header( 'Location: http://www.gyears.org/fakemail/pass.php' ); How would I set up the rss to read from the mysql then? I have been googleing but to no avail.
  9. M0XIE

    Grub + usb + linux

    From what I have worked with it BT2 can be made bootable off of a USB devices very easily. I think its a bootinst.bat file in the boot directory. And personally I have never used Helix, but you have sparked my interest.
  10. Bah look for some forensic tools. All the HD does is flip I binary switch for each bit of the file making it appear to be gone. When really if you just flip the switch back the file will reappear.
  11. Ok i think it must be a windows problem. I installed Linux and it works perfect. You can lock this.
  12. I run my own website. On this site I have a fake emailer the code is as follows: <?php if(isset($_GET['mail'])) { //The mailing part of the script if((isset($_POST['emailTo']))&&(isset($_POST['emailSubject']))&&(isset($_POST['emailBody']))) { if($_POST['emailFrom'] != '') { mail($_POST['emailTo'], $_POST['emailSubject'], $_POST['emailBody'], 'From: ' . $_POST['emailFrom']); } else { mail($_POST['emailTo'], $_POST['emailSubject'], $_POST['emailBody']); } } header( 'Location: http://www.gyears.org/fakemail/pass.php' ); } else { //The GUI part of the scr
  13. All of the HD's have been formatted and the OS reinstalled. Virus scan shows up with nothing.
  14. Not working again... Any other suggestions?
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but that would be a router changed correct. I'll give er a whiz and let you know. Edit Ok I entered those DNS servers and it seems to work, time being however I dont know if it's cuz of the servers or because it's just one of those times it randomly works. I'll let you guys know Within the next few hours.
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