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  1. Thanks man, trying out this NSIS now. Looks better then that Setup Factory. I'll give it a go. Thank you!
  2. Wholly, I thought that. So, I went looking for a program to help me do that. I found one, Setup Factory. Looks pretty good. Going to take awhile to get used to. Compiles to EXE and everything. Kinda works, having a few problems with that at the moment but thats for another day! Thanks all.
  3. Hey all, I work for a very small company in Australia and I'm the only one that knows how to install our software (Major pain in the ass) I have to manually copy files and folder all over the place, edit the registry and lots more. I have made it so much more smooth and easy in the year I have been here: Using the SUBST command to neaten up the directory it's installed into. I have made a batch files to copy and create all the folders I need but there is still alot of manual work. I thought I'd try a macro recorder I found one that is perfect, as it compiles to .exe. It was called Jitbit, and I had to get a cracked copy of it to atleast test or what not. The only cracked copy is currupt and doesn't let me compile to .exe. Does anyone know of a good, free if possible, macro recorded that could help me make an installer for this software? Thank in advanced.
  4. Hey, I'm pretty new here. I'm just looking for a little help with a batch file my boss wants. When we upgrade networks we need to copy a bunch of stuff off (Address book, Inbox, Etc..) I made a simple copy batch but they got sick of the drive letter changing, so I said I would try and make one where it would ask you for the drive letter before it starts copying so they didn't have to edit the file on each computer. I need help with the 'set' command. I have never used it before and I'm completely clueless as to how it works. I need just a little bit of code that will ask for user input, something like; "What is the drive letter? :" kinda thing. So, I can call back on the variable through out the code rather then "E:\" I can use "Variable_name:\" kinda thing. Thanks in advanced.
  5. That is true.. Anyway, I got it all working.. It's all good now.. Thanks man! :) I should have really thought harder before I posted! I got lazy! :P
  6. Hmm, I remember I changed something... RDP maybe? Everyone got a little pop up saying something-a-rather.
  7. Doesn't that give them a prompt?
  8. Is there away to turn on Message service on every workstation on a domain network?
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