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cTorrent on the Fon

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I'm sure you could but I don't think the Fon is best suited for this role.

Don't be silly.... Even the CEO of FON has allready shown how to use torrents on a La Fonera?

Old Skool... May 2007!

and offcoze you can do it on your FON 2100 device


check out the tutorial on how to add SD card memory to your La Fonera

Why not add a second antenna to your fonera for even better reception???

or install i2c bus and use it for your home domotica

or an IR received ? or an LCD screen???

and have you seen those people using La Fonera to drive their RemoteControl Car by Wifi using their PSP?

come on where are the bright ideas here? :-)

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well you can add ctorrent to it and maybe the sd card could be used for something related to that, if you have like ten million torrents or something. so you can experiment with it and give it a shot and see how it works. if all else fails its not that hard to remove it and you having lost anything by trying.

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