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fyodor just pwned up on the new 'tcp/ip vulnerability'


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more info on the whole thing can be found Explaining the “New” TCP Resource Exhaustion Denial of Service (DoS) Attack by Fyodor and http://blog.robertlee.name/.

Robert Lee and Jack Louis recently went public claiming to have discovered a new and devastating denial of service (DoS) vulnerability in the core TCP/IP protocol stack used for almost all Internet communication.


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According to the TWIT security podcast this has got people shitting in there pants..........


Allegedly the attached interview details exactly the procedures for instigating this attack (and this has been confirmed as new as its low bandwidth). He doesnt say how directly........but hes said enough to work it out.

This has been dubbed the affectionate term "sockstress"

NOTE: English begins a little bit into the interview.

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The best/worst part is they claim this attack is completely un-stoppable using the conventional tcp/ip stack. I agree with the tech community that this should have been disclosed behind closed doors but I have a feeling these two invididuals wanted the credit for the discovery.

Heres hoping its bullshit :D

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