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  1. Radius authentation??? with a portal page??
  2. Simple... A couple things to keep in mind when designing a WiFi System 1) You need some kind of source to the Internet... In Experience I would have to say STAY AWAY FROM DSL and T1's. Ideally go for a cable connection OR FIOS Connection. 2) Once you have a connection there are many ways you can move it from place to place! If you live in a small town, you could install a DSLAM and attempt to provide DSL over the existing Phone Wires run throughout the neighborhood. If there was only a couple people you wanted to connect up, you could easily do a couple Point-To-Point Links from your house to theirs. If there were many people like a whole Neighborhood system you ideally would go with several optimal Locations and broadcast using an Omni Antenna. You would then connect the locations together using Point-To-Point Links. Keep in mind to can have up to 4 Watts for a Point-to-point but only 1 Watt for an on-mi. 3) After the Basic Infrastructure is in place, you now have to think about Authentication unless you plan on providing the service for free. This is typically accomplished by using a RADIUS Server. There are several free options or you can purchase a commercial solution. Once Radius is in place, you also need a Web server to serve the "Portal" Page. Basically a web page you design that allows people to log in/ pay for service. If you still have any questions feel free to ask. I'm a Wireless Network Engineer and I design and Install systems like this ALL the TIME!
  3. All- Does anyone have any experience using Astaro USG? They have a free home version that works up to 50 IP's. I was using IPcop for the longest time as Smoothwall wasn't hardware compatible with my computer. IpCop worked rather well but had a very plain interface and didn't seem to be updated much any more. Comming across Astaro, it looks like this is a very full featured Firewall and is recommended by the podcast "Security Now" Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were? -Defyer
  4. All- I'm currently working on a Streaming Website. So far, it looks VERY PROMISING. I have Learned alot about streams and how to go about creating them. If any one has any questions as to how I did it, Feel free to ask away :)
  5. Awesome.. That does work... But I was looking at this script to pull all the files recursively. So in other words open up all the folders within that folder and display those files. I noticed if I change it to 'content' it will give me a bunch of Arrays again. I assume that I need to do another for loop to see the files in there.. but how do I do it? Also if I change the code to this $fileselection = scan_directory_recursively('/var/www/Movies/', 'mp4'); $count = count($fileselection); for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++) { $extractedArray = $fileselection[$i]; print_r($extractedArray['content']); echo "<br>"; } It seems to display the full array. If I use an echo instead of a print_r it says array 3 times... the same number of folders i have. I assume I need to do another for loop. But how would I code it? Any ideas? I just need to pull the Name Multidimensional array out!
  6. Yeah that is right.. Is there a way to do this with the Echo command?
  7. All- Here is the simple script I am trying to use : http://lixlpixel.org/recursive_function/ph...directory_scan/ How do I pull the data out of there? Looks like it is being stored in an array. I have tried many variations. Here is some of what I have tried. $filestructure = scan_directory_recursively('/var/www/'); echo $filestructure['content'{1}]; Can someone please please help me? Thanks Defyer!
  8. What ever happened to this project? are people still actively working on it?
  9. I am currently working on an open source Version of the media stuff. I have a very primiliar version working but have a few flaws. Once I Work things out ill post the source... Or better yet... IF anyone has extensive linux experience... or coding... perhaps they could assist.
  10. Here ya go! http://www.governmentsecurity.org/forum/in...showtopic=10524
  11. Yeah, I have something very similiar to that. I am using $cmd = "/usr/bin/vlc --daemon -I http FILENAME --sout '#transcode{vcodec=h264,vb=512,acodec=mp3}:duplicate{dst=std{access=udp,mux=t s,dst=$ip:1234}}}'"; Think yours would work any better? Also one problem I am currently having is that in PHP when I use shell_exec to start up a stream, I can't start a 2nd one until I either KILL the first one or wait for it to finish. Any suggestions on how I can fix that? ArkNinja Proposed that start the stream on a 2nd php page. Haven't had time to test that yet though.
  12. I found a pretty good solution actually. Ended up installing PHPfileNavigator. http://pfn.sourceforge.net/ So far seems to be working pretty well!
  13. All, I have been developing a front end that uses PHP and JavaScript to far to parse a directory then setup a RTP Stream using Darwin Streaming Server and VLC to encode on the fly. So far I have the Web front end working in a very very early beta. I was just wondering if anyone was interested in helping me develop this? I have searched the internet for a while and have not yet found any FOS program that allows you to do this. My goal in the end is to develop a program in-depth enough to be included with myth-tv or any other multimedia programs. In the end, i would like all code to be FOS of course with credit given to the original developers. Anyone with any coding experience would be helpful! Might be a great way for some eager novice programmers to develop their skills. -Defyer
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