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  1. try using flash 7 instead of 8. that does occasionally help.
  2. Spencer, you can actually change the number of songs until the next reload. I have mine defaulted to 100, which works out just fine for me. look at the settings you'll see the option.
  3. What I don't understand is why would you be listening to a station with artists you don't like? Wouldn't you just thumb down the song/artist and then it just won't play anymore and therefore not get copied?
  4. Espyonage, yeah I know it is hard to be clear. and I do remember having a fair bit of trouble trying to work everything out for myself as well. Did you follow this bit too: <i> Pandora jar has been blocked by the pandora network. this is a temp solution to this problem. it will allow you to use pandora until a official fixed version can be released Step 1: Go to C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DataMozillaFirefox Step 2: Right click on a file named pluginreg Step 3: open with notepad Step 4: Press Ctrl + F Step 5: type in the word "flash" then press enter you will see a line named(example) $ Shockwave Flash 8.0 xxx R22|$ Shockwave Flash|$ 2 0|application/x-shockwave-flash|Macromedia Flash movie|swf|$ Step 6: locate the 8.0 xxx R22 Step 7: replace the 8.0 xxx R22 with 9.0.21 d55 then save changes and close. </i> that should be in the instructions somewhere (not sure if you missed that or not). I'm at work now, but I'll try taking a closer look at my settings when I get home and see if I can jog my memory some more on this.
  5. Espyonage, I'm using firefox so a higher version of firefox shouldn't change anything. but it sounds like you're using Flash 9. Just because you have Flash 9 installed doesn't mean that should be the one running in the browser. you want to use the flash switcher to have it on Flash 8 or 7 and definitely have greasemonkey running. I can't think of anything else right now that might be messing with your system - sorry it's been quite a while since I installed it so I'm trying to remember all the little things I had to do to get it to work. redbone, try running flash 7 with flash switcher. I've never gotten mine to work with flash 8.
  6. Flash switcher should work if you have Greasemonkey on and you're using Flash 8 or under. Mine only works with Flash 7. But it won't actually load Pandora if you're using Flash 9. What I actually did was uninstall the older Flash versions and reinstall the latest Flash version, but also downloaded Flash Switcher and Greasemonkey. With all of that done, it works perfectly for me.
  7. hey darkone i get that you've got classes and stuff and i really appreciate you taking the time out to do this... and maybe the reason i'm not seeing what i was looking for is because i used the automatic installer, but i don't see any source files that we can actually take a look at anymore as in previous releases. i mean i'd actually be willing to try and help (even though i haven't done any coding in quite some time). just a thought and i think you're doing a great job so i think you should be proud of just how rad this free tool is so far.
  8. i know everyone says that it should work if you downgrade to flash 8 but i've always had to use flash 7 with the switcher. try that see if it helps.
  9. So, if you used the installer, you installed 8.0, not 8.1. Give 8.1 a try. ok, so i have given 8.1 a try and it's still not working properly for me... and whenever i try to change default.properties to save my files as <artist> - <song> - <album> it doesn't actually apply the changes. before it at least used Unclassified Album or something like that and now it only saves as <artist> - <song> any ideas?
  10. hi, i've tried using 8.1 and i can't seem to get it to tag the album info and i'd really like it to get the track number as well - perhaps there's something i'm missing but i was wondering if you have any thoughts on what might be going on - i used the installer that Razor created just to save myself some time. any ideas would be great! thanks
  11. out of curiosity in this one did you manage to get it to grab the album info correctly? or is that still a bug?
  12. i believe someone already mentioned this fix in the main thread somewhere. but you should look in default.properties for: #File/directory name format # %a - artist ; %b - album ; %t - title ; %s - station # NOTICE: if no album / station data they will be replaced with "UNKNOWN" # if nothing specified here, defaulting to: "%s/%a/%b/%a-%t" # spaces are fine, don't add .mp3, use forward slashes don't start with / #filename.format=%a/%a-%t take the # out from in front of filename.format and then change it as you wish. in your case the code would be: filename.format=%s/%a-%t
  13. hi all, i'm having some trouble getting PJ to download the correct album info. and i'd really like this to work, otherwise things are working beautifully, but it would be kinda cool if i could get the ID3 tags to be updated completely instead of partially. thanks
  14. nevermind, i'm an idiot - i figured it out. but have another question. i download the .exe version from <a href="http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,6014.0.html">this post</a> and i'd like to know if there's a way to bypass the default port 80 and get it to use a different port?
  15. ok. i unfortunately am still having problems with this error: unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser i have downgraded to flash 8 so i'm at a bit of a loss as to what else i could do. . . any ideas?
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