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  1. Have you tried running firefox as an administrator?
  2. do you have permissions set up so that the user that is running firefox can write to the mp3 directory?
  3. It's not only about avoiding replicas but also avoiding copying songs of artists you don't want.
  4. Hi, How easy would it be to make pandora jar filter the songs it copies. It would be awesome if one could make a file with artist names. Pandora jar would check against that list before copying if the artist name is not in the file then it would not copy that file.
  5. Everything works fine for me. Java was already installed. I had to run dos2unix on pandora.sh and delete the line that launches firefox. For firefox I installed a windows verision in wine and then follow the windows instructions for configuring firefox. You also have to make sure you have your firewall configured correctly. To tell if it is a firewall problem just turn it off and try ripping. If it works with the firewall off but not with it on the firewall is causing problems.
  6. Hi, I have set pandora jar up on both windows and linux. Now a friend wants me to set it up on a mac. I have everything ready except java does not run the pandora. sh script. It complains about a bad version number in the class file. We have tried using java 1. 3 1. 4 1. 4. 2 and 1. 5 and all of them give the same error message. Does anyone have this working on a mac? If so what java version are you using? Thanks
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