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  1. received mine a view days ago, lovely device
  2. R03L


    I heard your talk about using diffrent applications for the screencrab so my mind set instantly on my question? Any encryption
  3. troll
  4. ow yea this base64 is virtualnet no mind, shell works. payload(cmd/windows/powershell_reverse_tcp afther copy and paste it from inside windows vm guest it just doesn't on ducky, difference theoretically is virtual ducky code ENTER and physical enter.
  5. I got this working shell from text on windows 10 desktop, and press ENTER it works perfectly, but afther insering it in the ducky dus ducky code ENTER it stay's unclosed and the " are not in place. ducky beginners mistakes, details also MS is always busy imposing themself with slightest changes wich actualy linux has most minimal. its a nice tool tho. playing arround with these details but for today i seem not to find this little detail, well its 34 degree's heatwave outside, so meybe anybody can help me with it. DELAY 400 GUI r DELAY 450 STRING powershell ENTER DELAY 400
  6. R03L


    You could technically use this to use for data recovery right, or afther a new installation use it as a clean and neat backup sollution such a hid human interface device, could be used to input standard tasks somebody does with their computer when specific needs apply. i guess.?
  7. Ow wauw since a year we use the term clickbait, but could we make usage of chosen keymaps using for instance, dipswitches. meybe in the alternative form as in the original ducky. excuse me, its mindblowing. i love your show's, verry entertaining good job.
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