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  1. Wow, that was fast! I noticed that you can click in the playing song name within pandora and it opens a dedicated page with info and the album art. Maybe you can make it get the album art from there as an alternative, in case last.fm doesn't have it.
  2. Jayme65 I'm not ignoring you but I can't help you, irieb thanks for the new version it's great. Now if only I didn't have to keep the cmd and the java windows open... ;-)
  3. Thanks! I was using media Monkey for the album art and id3 tags, but your update sounds great, I'll check it out.
  4. You mean people actually still know about phreaking? I thought that, nowadays, anything that isn't related to software or computer cases was long lost along with the knowledge that old school geeks had and didn't pass on. I mean my generation doesn't even solder chips to consoles because they don't know how. :o Actually my father had lot's of tools related to phreaking but to this day never taught me. nice shopping list though. :D And of Topic, your security setup is great! as in a geek view of technology.
  5. Thanks cortechs you're great. itsgus thanks for sharing, i'll ask about some stuff in your thread.
  6. Thanks for the update. Could you explain the bug better? EnvGet( "temp" ) = @tempdir and as far as I know, if Pandora is running (I check it before) a plugtmp must exist, so sooner or later the script should find the right folder. The bug that I do know that exists is when pandora is forced to close, ie firefox crash, leaving the access files in temp, and that makes the script find the wrong folder. that is resolved by cleaning the Temp directory. And your fix for loss of connection is great.
  7. As said I was just fooling around with the "attention whore" thing and I'm sorry if you got it wrong, the making me stupid was related to "no I didn't want it on digg, but I dugg the link" controversy. Anymay new version out, it should support pause, change station and skip, although it isn't fully tested, check first post I won't delete the current version.
  8. :? Fuck this, who cares if you want 3tunes to go mainstream or not, I just don't like to be called a liar, the fact is you had a link and wanted people to digg your site, and on top of that YOU dugg it yourself. Now if you want to say you didn't want the attention please do it without calling everyone else stupid, and remember that even if you aren't known, everything you do on the Internet will have records. :roll:
  9. Sorry, my mistake, I could swear I saw a "Also support to project by digging the story at Digg.com. Thanks - TomB" link in your site, once again I'm sorry! If yahoo doesn't show the cached version just try the link again a few times. http://img3.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?6fddc2f7d9.gif
  10. Actually closed source in this case ins't so bad. If Pandora decides to change the way it caches the files, and you circunvent it, I wouldn't release the code again too. It would just tell them how to fix it again. I just released it because the way my script works wasn't my idea, I just made ir work again because the original program author didn't update his app, also because I believe it can be used in a good way, although I didn't digg it :-) (like atention whore TomB lol)because many would use it to steal music. Actually closed source in this case isn't so bad. If Pandora decides to chang
  11. I thought of that but decided to not launch pandora because it wasn't my personal default. My last version actually waits for the Pandora window, counts down and then starts checking for the musics, it allows skip, pause, change station and musics named Pandora :-) . I have been busy with other things, but I may upload it if you want it, anyway 3tunes will be better, or so TomB says :-) , so we might as well wait for it .
  12. i'm no programmer but to check if it skipped a song, you just need to wait for the tile to change, when it changes you can be sure that the last access is that music ie access-x, just wait for the access-x+1 to start downloading and then copy access-x.
  13. I'm glad. I'm not a programmer and I only did this because the other hack wasn't working for me. Now, I have requests :D , make the mini player run from inside an *.exe like a standalone player while still saving the music to wherever. Much like the DesktopX Professional from Stardock implements. Make it delete the music if you skip it. Make it copy a already archived music to the temp folder to save bandwith. I think that's it for now :-)
  14. I may do the features above, but my ISP limits my monthly traffic so I won't be using Pandora that much. And if you find out where Internet Explorer is saving the Plugtmp (i didn't search it) make it work Cross-Browser :-) Edit Latest version now goes directly to Temp as suggested, auto closes when the window containing pandora is closed and only saves every file after it starts caching the next music, in theory will prevent incomplete files, but you may not save the current playing song at the time you exit.
  15. The program can be improved a lot, for example Your fix. Recognize the last access file created and start counting from that one. Wait for the creation of the next access file, and only then copy the current (prevents incomplete files), like I have for the first file. If a music is skipped delete that song (Don't have any idea how to do this). Autoclose, after that window handle closes. Integrate with a program like MusicBrainz Tagger to Tag the files in the folder (Didn't even see if it accepts parameters). After 5 hours send a click to pandora to say you are listening :-) That said, t
  16. Yeah I forgot the Sleep part, and I didn't know about the access function so thanks. Edit: duh lol I thought it was a function to check if the folder was being used by another program. But your fix is great. I'll upload the script with your version, but I don't think there's a need, because I don't have many comments. As for pjo, It probably found the wrong plugtmp folder. Deleting these folders from .../username/local settings/temp and then running Pandora should work. I'll post the new modified version for you, sould be fixed.
  17. You must have rightclicked the trayicon I think. just leftclick it should work. Also I don't know where the files are saved in internet explorer, so it's firefox only. New version It checks for the included config.ini for the dir to save. If not found it will save to your desktop It also tries to find a plugtmp* dir to work with (doesn't matter the name). If you have problems delete this folders from the cache and run pandora etc again.
  18. jang

    Pandora Hack

    http://hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=727 working
  19. I made a small program in AutoitV3 for anyone interested. I'm not responsible for anything you do with it. If you want the source just install autoit and decompile. As of now it works much like the other one. You need Pandora open, Firefox (tested) or anything else really (I think) It checks for Pandora in the title. During my tests Pandora only used Local SettingsTempplugtmp-10 so it's default, and for now it copies the music to your desktop renamed. Close the program (in tray) before exiting Pandora, or it may create one or two error files. It only copies the first music after it's cac
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