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  1. My goal was just to see how much I could emulate a duck with an old flash drive, I was on my break and i was bored ?
  2. I have been working on a small little virus to mess with some friends, when you start up the program it will ask you what file type you would like to shuffle, after inputting that it will do the rest of the work for you! Any ideas on what I could add to the program? (You can find it here https://github.com/SkullScript/Puffle-Shuffle)
  3. Like I said, the first time you plug the USB in, it will require you to drag a file over to the pc and run it, after that you will be able to plug any USB named DUCKY into the computer and it will run the script, or if you wanted you could hide the initial run file into a trojan horse, it's simply a fun project, nothing powerful
  4. It wont be tricking it into thinking it is HID, it will be using a hidden file constantly checking for a drive called DUCKY and then running scripts in it, so it will be just a USB, not quite as useful as a DUCKY but that's why I called it the Poor Man's Ducky ?
  5. I am quite new to the world of hacking, and recently I have invested in the lan-turtle, and I was wondering what everyone's suggestions were on what Hak5 tool I should invest in next? '
  6. Free wifi is a great playground ?
  7. I'm using just an old 16gig flash drive that I had laying around, and then I am going to be making it mainly in batch
  8. Outdatedusr


    This game looks intriguing l will definitely look into it!
  9. I am like a HUGE Elder Scrolls fan, but I will be 100% I had no idea this existed until today! But you bet I'll be playing! XD
  10. I am currently working on making a "Poor Man's Ducky!" It will be similar to the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky, except it will require you to drag files over for its first run. After that it will automatically look for a drive called DUCK, and will run the script on the drive! Does anyone have any thoughts on ways to improve this idea? (Or a better name idea ?)
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