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  1. Lol, thanks y'all! !UPDATE I just want to add that of course the customer support was excellent from Hak5 and I've now got myself a real pineapple tetra ? ❤️
  2. There was a young enthusiastic maker. They had ordered their first Pineapple Tetra after quickly getting bored with their Nano. "How exciting!" - They thought. They had ordered the super cool item to their office just in case someone were to steal it in the land of Oak. A large package arrived. It seemed a bit heavy for a Tetra, but what would They know. The email confirmation solidified the fact that it must be the Tetra! They thought quickly about how to rig this box for the bike ride home. Wouldn't want to open it in the office since we need it togethe
  3. Name : Hi Favourite game: hangman Favourite OS: kali Nationality: world Sex: male Age: 01101001 01100100 01101011 Race: translucent Height: ¿ Status: placeholder Build: energy Favourite band: nortt Favourite book: snow crash ( questionable ) Favourite author: edgar allan poe Favourite movie: logan’s run Favourite director: dan curtis Other hobbies: design_sound_web_image_video_3d_grey_area_transhumanism Occupation: corporate tech world ?
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