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  1. My name is Chris most notably known as Liothen on the netz. Favorite game: Overwatch Favorite OS: Gentoo Favorite console: PC Favorite Programming Language: Ruby Nationality: US Accent: Northwestern American English Sex: Male Race: Caucasian Age: 34 Height: 6" 5' Build: Muscular/Average Favorite band: A7X Favorite book: The Seventh Gate Favorite movie: Army of Darkness Favorite TV Show: Favorite actor: Bruce Campbell Favorite actress: Jennifer Lawrence Occupation: Currently i am a Waste Water Treatment Operator. Formally a ballistics technician and systems administrator prior to that.
  2. The reason the channel doesn't show up in /list is because the channel owner has secret mode (+s) set on the channel. i.e. Will not show up in /LIST or /WHOIS
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