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  1. ok, so update. it comes down to timing and just waiting as you said. jayson grabbed my ticket out of the queue and after some explanation and bank statement screencaps, etc. order was pushed through and awaiting delivery. in regards to #3, there is specific instructions for dealing with the fraudulent flag as it is almost a common occurrence as is to be expected. this happened to me using three different cards. so advice to future orders: stick with one card, and follow through. dont just blame your own financial institution. give THEM the hard time as they have more than enough staff to
  2. oh, also. forgot to mention. i got so far as to emailing an image of my CC to customer service (covering my first 12 digits of course) to validate card present transaction.
  3. sorry for the tag vomit, i just wanted to get as much meta to make this relevant as i couldn't find much along what was happening with me in the search. I know there is an extremely small staff in the warehouse and any questions go into a zendesk queue. and that's totally fine. i'm cool with that and the wait. i get it. my steps were the following: 1. order the items (2 pineapples and a yagi) 2. make purchase 3. tell my CC custserv that this is a VALID transaction as fraud detect grabbed it immediately 4. check order status (pending) 5. wait 3 days, order is canc
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