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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there, So i am interested in ordering a product in my case to Austria, and i wanted to ask, how will the payment be proceeded? In euros, or in USD or something else? Please respond ASAP. Please excuse my english.
  2. Dear HAK5, Not sure who I should contact and hoping you may offer assistance, Ordered the wifi pineapple tactical / delivered today, (UK) however there are elements of the order missing. Order Ref: 133906. the pineapple unit / 1 x set antenna and battery / Pouch / battery were delivered - however the following was not: 1 x set additional antenna 1 x usb wifi dongle (which makes the whole tactical unit non-tactical). Having waited several weeks for delivery and then having to pay and additional £30 (GBP) import costs, to find elements missing is somewhat disappointing. Your equipment / teachings and information feeds are top notch and this I hope an oversight to the top class you appear to demonstrate. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated. Regards Darren.
  3. I ordered a pineapple tera tactical on June 1st excited by the way. I got my confirmation email saying it could take up to 3 says to send. That was not listed when I sprung $18 for 2 day shipping. Annoyed but no big deal. Beginning of 4 business days later checked the status, hasn't been set. Put in a request to ask what's up with the order. Get a Faq response pretty quick (nice feature btw). 2 hours later I get a generalized email saying if your item is back order it'll ship when they get more. My order was not in back order. Email is signed hak5 robot. No emails since. Opened another ticket on end of business day 5 (one week) later asking why my order still hasn't shipped. I get the same 2 emails as I did with the first ticket. Fast forward 6 hours and check my status. Canceled. No email saying we canceled your order. Needless to say I opened another ticket asking to reinstate my order. This time I went to check the status on my tickets. All open (normal) but I noticed that Jayson is assigned to all three tickets. Fast forward 15 min and now I'm writing this. I wish the shop had a phone number I could call instead of the emails. Guidance would be nice. I just finished my Ccna and I want to move into the security side of networking. I thought a wifi pineapple would be a good way to start since I have my own cisco lab set up to test against.
  4. I ordered a bash Bunny last Saturday. That's right, 8 days ago. I haven't gotten a single status update, my tracking status has said the same thing since I ordered it, and hak5 hasn't responded to a single email or call. As you guys know, bash bunnies aren't necessarily cheap, so I'm afraid I've lost $100. I'm wondering if any of you guys could help me sort this out or if a forum admin or employee could. I'm pretty scared at this point and worried I've been virtually robbed. Please help!
  5. sorry for the tag vomit, i just wanted to get as much meta to make this relevant as i couldn't find much along what was happening with me in the search. I know there is an extremely small staff in the warehouse and any questions go into a zendesk queue. and that's totally fine. i'm cool with that and the wait. i get it. my steps were the following: 1. order the items (2 pineapples and a yagi) 2. make purchase 3. tell my CC custserv that this is a VALID transaction as fraud detect grabbed it immediately 4. check order status (pending) 5. wait 3 days, order is cancelled. 6. repeat with same results. 7. publicly ask questions to @Darren Kitchen on twitter. (yes, he is nice enough to respond direct to me) 8. email and get a zendesk ticket (i never even check my own zendesk queue) 9. harrass @mubix via messenger on this board, skipping twitter. 10. now toss it to everyone else to see if i can get some help. now, with that being said... anyone else experience this same thing? i can't tell if its my CC cancelling the order or the hak5 shop. the purchase goes through, hits my card and then goes to "pending". on status and everything. wait 3 days and then it cancels. this has happened twice now and to avoid the old "insanity is the same thing" adage, i come to the crowds of my people. anyone?
  6. First at all srry my english is not the best i am improving ;-) I am writing in the forum cause i didn't get any response to my mails. Only pre-defines questions and answers. I hope that one of the admin can help for my issue. I have ordered the pineapple router on the 17 th january. The status from my order is still 'unfullfilled'. Can anybody help me that i get my order a little faster cause I have in the next month a live hacking show at our customers to show them how weak their mobile security management is. I need my order asap so i have enough time to prepare me for the show. Thank you very much Tayfun
  7. I planned to delve into PineApple, Is there any shipment problem for Turkey?
  8. Hello, I tried to place a order at the hak5 shop using PayPal. It always fails to complete the order with that message: Hak5 team can you please look into it and fix that?
  9. Hello, I'm from Argentina and i get and error when placing my order because "there is no Shipping Rate available for your destination and/or weight of your cart". I already sent an email to shop[at]hak5.org but got no reply. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I recently placed a purchase for one of the Wifi Pineapple's and was promptly notified via email that my order had been automatically canceled, the email stated the following: Being rather confused by this, I emailed customer service requesting further information as to why my order had been canceled, the response I was provided with was: Totally understandable, and prior to receiving this email from support, I had placed a second order on the Hak5.org store assuming that I had perhaps keyed in the shipping information incorrectly. The first order reflects being canceled, my bank also reflects the same information but this new order I placed, is stuck in a "processing" state and I'm unable to get any sort of information from the customer service department. I've called, left a message and sent about 5 emails since receiving this notice, providing the link to my linked-in account, even sent an email from my company just as a secondary layer of proof, no response. I'm not sure what to think at this point, the money was deducted from my account but I've not received word if the information I provided was sufficient proof or not. I'm afraid that this has been a rather unpleasant experience thus far, people often have items sent to their place of business, this isn't abnormal behavior by any means and being that this item was supposed to be delegated for work related purposes, I opted for the 2 day shipping, it doesn't appear that I'm going to receive my item on time even though the site states that _most_ items are shipped within the first 24 hours. I'm a bit frustrated, am out 130+ dollars and have no idea if my item is going to ship or what the status is of the order, I'd very much like a response on this if possible. I can understand being a smaller business and having to be cautious when mailing to a secondary addresses but, I've provided the proof requested, I've been charged for the item, I just want this issue resolved. Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
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