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  1. My BB was working this morning, but now seems to have failed. I've tried both payload positions, and arming mode. Nothing is working, and in arming mode the usb storage is not seen. When connecting to the usb port of a device (in any switch position) the LED shows green for about 2 seconds, and then nothing. It is very warm here today, so I thought it may have overheated. I've let the thing cool down for some period, but it is still not working. Any ideas? Are the devices known to fail?
  2. pmurton


    There have been no updates to the Github payload repository for some time. Is this no longer being used as the mechanism for sharing payloads?
  3. Is it possible to quack ascii characters such as char 175 (i.e. to turn volume up)?
  4. Updated this morning with no problems. One suggestion though. Maybe the Step by Step instructions should add a note that any previously installed tools (i.e. impacket and Responder) need to be re-installed after the update, and maybe a note to recommend editing config.txt to change the DUCKY_LANG setting. Just for newbies like me (although it didn't take me long to figure it out).
  5. pmurton

    LED Control

    Thank you. just what I was after. Not sure why I hadn't found it myself!
  6. pmurton

    LED Control

    I've only had the BB for a few days so please excuse me if I'm asking a stupid question. How do I turn off the LED? on ver 1.0 of the firmware it seems to have been LED with no parameter, but this does seem to be the case in ver 1.1. I can pick most of it up from other payloads, but is the any documentation on controlling the LED.
  7. The timeout setting is also why the infinatecontrol payload no longer works. I guess that the question is "When will 1.2 be available?"
  8. Ignore my last message. Found the language .json files in the file. Unfortunately I've dropped them into the languages folder but the infinatecontrol payload still isn't working. It's such a simple script, I can't see why (it worked under ver 1.0 of the firmware)
  9. I'm having a similar problem to Skiddie. I received my BB a few days ago, and it was running ver 1.0. I had a requirement to keep and RDP session alive, and the infinateControl payload worked great (i.e.presses CTRL every 10 seconds). I upgraded to ver 1.1 and this no longer works. I think it may be something to do with the language. The languages folder is empty, and I've been trying to get hold of the gb.json file. I've downloaded the ducktoolkit from the link above, but as far as I can see there is no language folder within the tarball. Any suggestions?
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