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Found 2 results

  1. I'm still running in the payload timeout after 1 Minute. So I did some investigation about it. I made the attached payload.txt for testing. I put the command logger "#### Start Test payload #### at the beginning of the payload and logger "#### End Test payload ####" at the end. So I can examine the syslog what happens during ten payload run. After approx. 1:30 min bunny.service is running into a timeout ......... Apr 6 09:56:52 bunny logger: #### Loop Test payload #### Apr 6 09:56:54 bunny logger: #### Loop Test payload #### Apr 6 09:56:56 bunny logger: #### Loop Test payload #### Apr 6 09:56:58 bunny systemd[1]: bunny.service start operation timed out. Terminating. Apr 6 09:56:58 bunny systemd[1]: Failed to start bunny.service. Apr 6 09:56:58 bunny systemd[1]: Unit bunny.service entered failed state. Apr 6 09:56:58 bunny systemd[1]: Starting Multi-User System. Apr 6 09:56:58 bunny systemd[1]: Reached target Multi-User System. Apr 6 09:56:59 bunny systemd[1]: Startup finished in 2.366s (kernel) + 1min 34.343s (userspace) = 1min 36.710s. The result of the command systemctl show bunny.service |grep Timeout is TimeoutStartUSec=1min 30s TimeoutStopUSec=1min 30s JobTimeoutUSec=0 Guess this is the reason for the payload timeout. Can anybody confirm this? I willl do more investigations syslog payload.txt ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OK got it..... I insert the value TimeoutSec=5min under the [Service] section of file /lib/systemd/system/bunny.service Now it works with a timeout of 5 min. (see attached syslog.solved_5min_Timeout) Be carefully, I'm not responsible for any damage of the bunny :-) @Darren Kitchen @Sebkinne If you agree (because its part of Firmware) I can make a payload who will patch this. syslog.solved_5min_Timeout
  2. Hello, At the moment I'm writing an extension which give some debug information during a payload run. The function START_DEBUG "tail " the /var/log/syslog to /tmp/log.txt (I won't create a extra file because syslog give al lot of more useful information in background.) During payload run I can output some information to syslog with logger With STOP_DEBUG I stop the "tail", test if the /dev/nandf is mounted. If so I Copy /tmp/log.txt to /root/disk/loot. /If not I mount the /dev/nandf to /root/udisk, copy the file, do a sync and unmount the /dev/nandf. Now the Problem. It happens often that when I look in the loot file there is no log file and the FS is corrupted. This happens even I do a sync; sleep 1; sync after copy the file and befor unmounting the FS It seems tha the FS is not unmunted correctly. Sometimes the dirty bit is set. Have somebody any idea? payload.txt debug.sh
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