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  1. What i meant by that, was share the internet connection of another user with the bunny. So lets say, i could setup a webserver or a vpn on the inside of the bunny plug it into someones random computer, and, from home i could have access to that bunny. so. can the bunny actually share the pc internet connection itself. that would be just sick and open alot of possibilities So plug. leave it there. walk away and connect to it. from a different location
  2. I just tought of something, Would it be possible to share the internet connection of a windows machine to the internal bunny OS with the bunny itself ? like is there a way to plug the bunny in any windows machine, and that the internal linux automatically get internet access ?
  3. Hi, I got this bash bunny for a while now, and i know there is a few new features even tho it seems dead, is there a way for the bunny to detect the keyboard language and then set itself to send it in the good language ? Thank you
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