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  1. I want the wifipineapple to be restarted every 1 hour! I used the Crontab task, but it did not work! How can i do it?
  2. I'm a newbie! Recently I'm learning Proxmark3 and want to connect Proxmark3 and wifipineapple, but there's no dependency package needed to see opkg list! So I want to come here and ask a friend who has good skills to deal with this problem!
  3. The success of this transplant will be a portable wifi cracke
  4. Look forward to the perfect transplant
  5. Has been tried, the format or not Thanks for the answer
  6. Hello, Sebkinne! I am a technical beginner from China (my English is not good, so use the translation software, if some statements are not smooth, please forgive me!), My friends help me from abroad to bring back a team your research and development equipment. I would like to ask you about SD cark! I would like to SD cark mounted on the equipment, the system uses SD cark capacity! Hopefully you can tell me how to configure "config 'global'" and "config 'mount'" and "config 'swap'". SD cark has been partitioned into ext4 and swap format. Currently I use the nano1.13 Tha
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