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  1. Hi, I attached two text files to the original post if the route -n and ifconfig at each step Thanks
  2. Unfortunately neither or in resolv.com work. It only works with I was wondering if the "metric" of the connection had anything to do with it. I.e. the Pineapple Nano's connection (eth1) has a lower metric than the Wifi adapter (wlan0) which may route traffic to the interface with the lower metric?
  3. I am able to ping from both the Kali Linux box and from the WifiPineapple (after ssh'ing to Both the Ethernet and WIFI configurations result in the same /etc/resolv.conf files: They start as: # Generated by NetworkManager nameserver And then change to the text below when I run [C] in WP6.sh # Generated by NetworkManager search lan nameserver nameserver I changed the /etc/resolv.conf file on the WifiPineapple to: search lan nameserver And it resolves
  4. TL;DR WifiPineapple Nano works 100% if I use my Ethernet cable, but will not connect to the internet using the Wifi adapter on my Laptop. Herewith the steps I have taken: ON WIFI Using HP 9740 Laptop, LAN cable disconnected, eth0 down, on-board Wifi connected to my home AP WifiPineapple Nano disconnected Boot Kali Linux 2016.2 Run wp6.sh, select [G] Default gateway identified as, select [Y] Internet interface reported as wlan0, select [Y] Detected WifiPineapple on interface eth1, select [Y} Once the light is solid blue, sele
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