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  1. great stuff! looking forward to seeing the code!
  2. Same here.. Maybe you can make the screens smaller (reduce the PS window size or minimize the windows so that they don't look suspicious) so that they don't really show like in the original payload?
  3. ok guys I re flashed the turtle for the 5th time and now it captured the hash and i have the Proxy-Auth-NTLM file and also the responder.db. I cant open the db for some reason. Can someone help me out here maybe im missing something.. Is the hash stored in the Proxy-Auth file or in the responder.db?
  4. I only have four files within every numbered folder.. Analyzer-Session.log Config-Responder.log Poisoners-Session.log Responder-Session.log under loot, apart from the folders there is a file named responder.log
  5. I tried this on 2 Windows 10 and a Windows 7 and the Responder.db never appears.. I am using the quick creds module.. Maybe this only appears with the original @mubix tutorial?
  6. I went to the path above and I do not have the responder.db - am I missing something?
  7. When I open the responder logs all I can see is "Starting attack" and that is it
  8. Thanks @Darren Kitchen for the update! Any idea why the turtle keeps on blinking amber? doesnt seem to be snatching creds from my Win 10 pc
  9. Is yours stuck on the blinking LEDs?
  10. Starting to believe this was just a hoax for people to buy more turtles :( Is there someone here who actually managed to make this work on domain and local PCs?
  11. I know there is a similar thread open however this will be specifically used for people who are not managing to use the quick creds module to work on the turtle. My issue is that when plugged into Windows 10 the amber LED keeps blinking to infinity and I am not able to get a hash. Whoever has the same issue or maybe anyone managed to make the turtle with the quick creds please shed some light.
  12. I dont believe its a scam.. however it would be great if the module can be tweaked to fix all the issues most of us are having.. I will try find some time to play around with it and make a step by step guide.. unless someone already went through the time to do so or maybe a video with the walk through?