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  1. Hi Smarty, I am sharing my Wireless Internet connection. Here is the architecture: I am connected to my wireless network (internet) IP: 192.168.10.X PineApple Wireless (without internet) IP: Then I shared internet connection and configured the IP [ Screenshots Attached ] So, I can use internet into pineapple. SSLStrip: I have used in Kali Linux where I need to change the route etc but here after seeing the videos I simply enabled SSLStrip and leads to infinite loop. Any video where I can configure the route in windows etc....
  2. Hey, Thanks for the prompt response. I tried but I am not able to start "PineAP" and again "DeAuth" is not working SSLStrip: Am able to sniff the communication (password etc) only for HTTP Sites, but when I tried to access any HTTPS Sites (non supporting HSTS) using safari browser then the page loads, loads and loads....which means am not able to access the login page itself !! DeAuth: In my laptop, I have shared the internet connection with PineApple and accessing the pineapple access point via mobile. Now using DeAuth but getting the error "PineAP not started ...." Any suggestion/videos where I can go through about DeAuth & PineAP Configuration ??
  3. Hey Everyone, I am using Mark V and Firmware Version: 2.4.0 I am able to set up successfully, internet is shared, infusions are installed etc. Even I am able to use the recon module but when I try to use PineAP its getting failed, not sure the reason why? Even SSLStrip is not showing any logs etc.. It seems the SSLStrip is not working properly, however it shows that SSLStrip is started. Even DeAuth is not working. It seems none of the pentest tools working. Can anyone help me??
  4. Hey Team, I am able to connect internet by sharing WiFi network. I was trying to installed SSLStrip etc tools but when I try to access the Pineapple Bar then there is nothing listed under "User Infusions" Even PineAP is not listed there. I have attached the screenshots for reference. Please share the solutions if anyone of you have faced the same issue
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