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  1. Hi all, Any development or news to share on the 'stackable psu' idea that was suggested a while back? I've seen heaps of these multi-socket portable device charger/jump starter batteries around, wondering if anyone has tried one, if so any recommendations? cheers FYI been looking at items like these
  2. Wow Geez i guess some 'humans' get all bent outa shape when life ins't PnP. One does not call the car dealership coz one has a flat. My tetra is the crux-piece of my learning, I went back to school, studying CCNA via network sec and comp eng to fill the gaps i found i had. Frustration is a part of learning, simply put - if you're angry, you're not doing it right. :) My connection drop outs tuned out to be the crappy LAN cable i was using, a total rooks move. :)
  3. As above, thanks for the communication. Passage of information, keeping the hak5 family in the loop, appreciated. Kudos also for ensuring quality product, not just a pretty pineapple-package. I'm an international order, so I expected some delay, abso-phreakin-lutely excited to know it'll be shipped when its sorted. Cheers all.
  4. Awesome happy-new-year-2016 to all & the Hak5 team, I'm a newcomer to wifi pineapple, have been looking for kit, order a Tetra-tactical and some other bits. Best belated xmas ever! After reading some pineapple veterans posts, I'm now curious to learn more about this proposed Pine-core expansion for 6th gen. What's the functionality planned for it; where is the 6th gen platform heading, any teasers? :) Keen for some insight before I shed some more cash for HackRF one. Cheers
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