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  1. sorry my bad :/ filtering by default is set to "allow" , switched it to "deny" and I'm good. augh this has happened before but every time I reset I forgot :)
  2. Hello friends, I'm having a new issue when connecting to the open AP. I can connect to Management AP without issues but when I try to connect to open AP, I get "authentication Problem" on my phone, tablet, laptop, pc ..etc any device I tried. It doesn't connect all at all. I RTFM'd but had no luck :/ I seem to be missing something simple tho Steps taken: - reset the pineapple to default - no mac filtering in place - allowed association - latest firmware installed = results can't connect to open AP. any help would be appreciated.
  3. Aaaa!! okay that makes sense. Thank you all for looking into this. case to be closed:)
  4. attached a screenshot. I have connected 3 devices to the Tetra so far for 10 minutes and a few times refreshed the page, it's still showing 0 CLIENTS CONNECTED. I am not able to see who's connected to the Tetra. (even though I am getting ips on the other devices and able to broswe the internet while connected to the Tetra) Thank you,
  5. so I have reset the Tetra a few times, tried it on different OSs, annd I have experienced the same issue. I can see the Tetra as AP and can connect to it and browse the internet but the thing is that I can't see who's connected to my Tetra from the gui. What could be the issue ? I used to see the clients listed before but not sure what happened ? Thank you
  6. Hi everyone, Its been so frustrating since I got my tetra that I just can't do much with it. I have looked up for training in the internet but NOTHING much out there. I believe this is happening with everyone who just starting with Pineapple devices. Can you guy setup training at least basics to learn most helpful tools in the WiFi pineapple ? I saw a few videos made by hack5 but there isn't enough to get me excited to learn more about WiFi pineapple... I really had to put Tetra for sale online just because it felt like it was useless. hack5 don't have enough tutorials unfortunately!
  7. Mr Protocol, I actually have most recent Firmware, (Current version: 1.0.2) when I click "check for updates" it shows no updates found. I also reset it bunch of times by pushing the rest button and going through the setup again. I am not sure what the issue is. I get an IP and I am able to access pineapple dashboard, it shows in the clients how many are connnected, but I can't do anything on the internet while connected to TETRA. I even have enabled the "Landing Page" and I would get whatever I write when I connect to the pineapple, however, it doesn't seem to have internet connection at all.
  8. Thanks McBean400 for taking the time to reply to my post. I tried your solution however, I still can't browse internet or connect to any software while connected to the pineapple wifi although, im getting ip and can access pineapple dashboard.
  9. Hi Folks, I just received my pineapple Tetra a few days ago but I have been feeling frustrated due to being unable to use it properly. I have watched a few videos made by Hak5 on YouTube to setup Tetra and it worked fine at the beginning. I was able to set it up on Kali Linux, created root account, accessed dashboard/control panel and I am receiving an IP which indicates that I have connection to Tetra device. However, I have an issue that when I connect to the "open" or the "protected" wifi that is broadcasting from Tetra using my windows machine, I can't browse internet at all. It only stays connected for a few mins then it loses connection to Tetra and it then switches to my home wifi. Although it shows that "1 Client connected". I have also tried this on Mac machine and it is doing the same thing. I don't have the "Deny" mode enabled though. I even switched it to enable and added the devices Mac Address but there was no luck. At this point when I lose connection to Tetra, I tried rebooting device, reconnect it using different USB port, reboot my kali linux but it will never come back online until I have to rest it. I have rest Tetra about 5 times in the past two days. Second thing is that when Tetra is showing online and no devices connected, I tried to search for the network on airmong on kali linux, but it doesn't show up there. I can see al networks around me even hidden ones but I can't see tetra listed. Lastly, I would like to know that Is there any sort of settings need to be done on my home network (Comcast modem) in order for Tetra to work properly ? I mean do I have to open/close ports? Do I also need to have Tetra connected to Ethernet cable or only Via USB to my Kali Linux machine ? please let me know if I am missing something or any extra recommendation that you would like me to check/do to get this going!! Thanks All in advance!!
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