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  1. sorry my bad :/ filtering by default is set to "allow" , switched it to "deny" and I'm good. augh this has happened before but every time I reset I forgot :)
  2. hope this answers your question: https://www.wifipineapple.com/
  3. Hello friends, I'm having a new issue when connecting to the open AP. I can connect to Management AP without issues but when I try to connect to open AP, I get "authentication Problem" on my phone, tablet, laptop, pc ..etc any device I tried. It doesn't connect all at all. I RTFM'd but had no luck :/ I seem to be missing something simple tho Steps taken: - reset the pineapple to default - no mac filtering in place - allowed association - latest firmware installed = results can't connect to open AP. any help would be appreciated.
  4. Aaaa!! okay that makes sense. Thank you all for looking into this. case to be closed:)
  5. attached a screenshot. I have connected 3 devices to the Tetra so far for 10 minutes and a few times refreshed the page, it's still showing 0 CLIENTS CONNECTED. I am not able to see who's connected to the Tetra. (even though I am getting ips on the other devices and able to broswe the internet while connected to the Tetra) Thank you,
  6. so I have reset the Tetra a few times, tried it on different OSs, annd I have experienced the same issue. I can see the Tetra as AP and can connect to it and browse the internet but the thing is that I can't see who's connected to my Tetra from the gui. What could be the issue ? I used to see the clients listed before but not sure what happened ? Thank you
  7. Hi everyone, Its been so frustrating since I got my tetra that I just can't do much with it. I have looked up for training in the internet but NOTHING much out there. I believe this is happening with everyone who just starting with Pineapple devices. Can you guy setup training at least basics to learn most helpful tools in the WiFi pineapple ? I saw a few videos made by hack5 but there isn't enough to get me excited to learn more about WiFi pineapple... I really had to put Tetra for sale online just because it felt like it was useless. hack5 don't have enough tutorials unfortunately!
  8. Mr Protocol, I actually have most recent Firmware, (Current version: 1.0.2) when I click "check for updates" it shows no updates found. I also reset it bunch of times by pushing the rest button and going through the setup again. I am not sure what the issue is. I get an IP and I am able to access pineapple dashboard, it shows in the clients how many are connnected, but I can't do anything on the internet while connected to TETRA. I even have enabled the "Landing Page" and I would get whatever I write when I connect to the pineapple, however, it doesn't seem to have internet connection at all.
  9. I don't want to hit my TETRA with a hammer yet.
  10. Thanks McBean400 for taking the time to reply to my post. I tried your solution however, I still can't browse internet or connect to any software while connected to the pineapple wifi although, im getting ip and can access pineapple dashboard.
  11. General TETRA Discussion

  12. Hi Folks, I just received my pineapple Tetra a few days ago but I have been feeling frustrated due to being unable to use it properly. I have watched a few videos made by Hak5 on YouTube to setup Tetra and it worked fine at the beginning. I was able to set it up on Kali Linux, created root account, accessed dashboard/control panel and I am receiving an IP which indicates that I have connection to Tetra device. However, I have an issue that when I connect to the "open" or the "protected" wifi that is broadcasting from Tetra using my windows machine, I can't browse internet at all. It only stays connected for a few mins then it loses connection to Tetra and it then switches to my home wifi. Although it shows that "1 Client connected". I have also tried this on Mac machine and it is doing the same thing. I don't have the "Deny" mode enabled though. I even switched it to enable and added the devices Mac Address but there was no luck. At this point when I lose connection to Tetra, I tried rebooting device, reconnect it using different USB port, reboot my kali linux but it will never come back online until I have to rest it. I have rest Tetra about 5 times in the past two days. Second thing is that when Tetra is showing online and no devices connected, I tried to search for the network on airmong on kali linux, but it doesn't show up there. I can see al networks around me even hidden ones but I can't see tetra listed. Lastly, I would like to know that Is there any sort of settings need to be done on my home network (Comcast modem) in order for Tetra to work properly ? I mean do I have to open/close ports? Do I also need to have Tetra connected to Ethernet cable or only Via USB to my Kali Linux machine ? please let me know if I am missing something or any extra recommendation that you would like me to check/do to get this going!! Thanks All in advance!!