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  1. Lock picking is the art of mimicking the key. But to be the key, we must understand the key. - https://t.co/IjzDOPypN7

  2. I'm back on twitter. Muah.

  3. https://t.co/DrYnUHqNc6

  4. "but sir, do we not fight for freedom?"-Hamilton Who's leading the fight against ISIS? No one. Sure, when we figure out our true leader...

  5. RT @An0nKn0wledge: The Question is Will @HillaryClinton Leave a Trail of Election Fraud from the Primaries into the General Election too?

  6. @p5yc40naut @GingerLBrooks @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton good point. reason to vote trump

  7. Could someone please explain this? I don't get why the names of the networks will all show up but not the MAC addresses. And why can't I scroll through kismet individually as opposed to the whole linux command line.
  8. RT @C1TYofFL1NT: I don't care who you are or where you live on planet earth I will support your right for clean drinking water in 2016

  9. SSL stripping no longer works. I've been researching but gotten little results as to tutorials for other types of infusions. I want to get an infusion that can either get me wifi passwords or passwords to someone's accounts as they log into them. If possible, I would like some er infusions to start with downloading. I tried the wps infusion and it didn't work well with my router (which is why I want to use RubyReaver or Auto-Reaver). So, what other infusions could be used to monitor my other computer's web activities and the passwords that I get when I log in with my other computer (that I'm u
  10. https://t.co/K2xkT8StQJ People can now stalk you. Be aware.

  11. RT @4thAnon: Remarkable new sensor chip pulls power out of the air so it never needs to be charged https://t.co/2C9Ufl6Y4T https://t.co/WGn…

  12. I think this is a completely different subject from the previous thread, so forgive me is this is double posting. I found this program called auto-reaver for backtrack: https://code.google.com/p/auto-reaver/ I edited it, changing the mon0 to wlan0mon in one of the scripts, titled "wash". I'm trying to edit it to work with kali 2.0. I did what one of the guys in this thread did: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?19641-Reaver-WPS-Locked-Situation-and-Useful-Link/page4 And I quote: I know how to do the first part of that and I did. I did both commands. But I'm lost as to how to chan
  13. for me it tries the same pin over and over. how do I change the arguments so it doesn't ignore it and tries a new pin even if it doesn't get a nack
  14. So, when I try this command: root@blackJesus:~# giskismet -csv ./Clarendon_Pineapple1-01.kismet.csv Unable to open ./Clarendon_Pineapple1-01.kismet.csv root@blackJesus:~# giskismet -csv ./Clarendon_Pineapple1-01.kismet Unable to open ./Clarendon_Pineapple1-01.kismet root@blackJesus:~# giskismet -csv ./Clarendon_Pineapple1.kismet.csv Unable to open ./Clarendon_Pineapple1.kismet.csv [/code] #I end up not being able to store results from my pineapple into a SQLite database. Here's what I'm doing before hand: [code] CH 5 ][ Elapsed: 6 s ][ 2015-12-28 22:15
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