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  1. What can I add to my config to make it stop collecting packets (Kismet), connect to an AP, send the data it just collected, and go back to sniffing? My current dip config to get the packets I want is ifconfig wlan1 down && iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor && ifconfig wlan1 up && kismet_server && ifconfig wlan0 down What can I add to this so that every x number of hours it can connect to an AP, send some data, and go back to the above configuration? Thanks
  2. I need to export to csv so I'm doing a --w /sd/dump.csv with a csv output format. The file doesn't have any time stamps on it though--anything I can add to the configuration to get time as well? I want it to give me a file which constantly reads mac addresses with timestamps/ signal strength. My .csv gives me mac and signal strength but only for one instance. I want something like: :01 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -55db :05 yy:yy:yy:yy:yy -70db . . . Duplicate mac addresses would be encouraged. I assume a .pcapdump would give this information but I was having two issues with that vs. the csv output: With the .pcap I wasn't getting signal strength, or at least, I couldn't find it. Also, my visualization program needs a .csv. Anybody know of a good visualization program for airdump which will give me the signal strength and timestamp in the above way? Thanks
  3. I got better data by keeping wlan1 down actually (so both physical adapters are down)--I guess that remedied some sort of channel hopping bug. However, if anyone has any visualization tools you recommend I'd appreciate it. Or even some more efficient ways of doing this. Also, is there some code I can add to the boot mode which will just give me the clients around as opposed to data for the access points, etc. Ideally I could go somewhere and get a log file of just the people's devices around me--and that's about it. Thanks
  4. I'm using the Airodump Ng Scan Visualizer which takes a CSV file, so I configured a boot mode to output CSV. My airodump pcap is a decent sized file, and it finds lots of endpoints. When I write as CSV, it's a very small file and all the clients are not detected. Kismet gives me the most data but I can't get signal strength out of that, so that's out. Maybe there's something I need to add to the configuration? Take a look: Kismet: ifconfig wlan1 down && iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor && ifconfig wlan1 up && kismet_server && ifconfig wlan0 down Airodump Pcap: ifconfig wlan1 up; airmon-ng start wlan1; airodump-ng --write /sd/airodump.pcap --output-format pcap mon0 My attempt at making the airodump example code better (did give me a slightly larger file): ifconfig wlan0 down; ifconfig wlan1 down; iwconfig wlan1 monitor mode; ifconfig wlan1 up; airmon-ng start wlan1; airodump-ng --write /sd/dump.csv --output-format csv mon0 Airodump example code from boot modes page: ifconfig wlan1 down; iwconfig wlan1 monitor mode; ifconfig wlanifconfig wlan1 up; airmon-ng start wlan1; airodump-ng --write /sd/Newdump.csv --output-format csv mon0 Basically I'm not getting all the information I should be out of the csv's. The airodump.pcap is better, but not as good as kismet. However, I can't use Kismet since there's no signal strength really. I like the visualizer a lot so I want CSV's, and exporting as CSV from Wireshark didn't work for the program. If anyone knows another visualizer that'd be good. WifiSpy, which I saw on here a while back, didn't work too well for me. Thanks!
  5. Getting the .pcapdump files and importing them into wireshark just fine-- is there a way to get signal strength as well?
  6. Trying to get more information about the devices nearby when I use the device than just mac address. I have a web crawler for the mac address already, but is there any capability on this device I can use to get more?
  7. Thank you! I appreciate it and have already gone ahead and ordered the Mark V. I'm hoping it can accomplish the other aspects as well. Also, I saw an article about getting Facebook passwords with this as well. I don't want to do that, but instead I was wondering if there was a way to get the Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter usernames of nearby devices as well? If anyone knows anything about how to implement that sort of functionality I would appreciate it as well. Thank you.
  8. I'm fairly new to the whole wifi sniffing scene, but I think I want the Mark V since it seems like there's a good community and intuitive interface. I've done a little with OpenWRT stuff with some routers but it hasn't done it for me. I'm looking to buy the Mark V and configure it to do the following: I go to some public location I turn it on (+ maybe some small steps necessary to start the process) Starts displaying MAC addresses, signal strengths, and headers, of people's devices nearby with a timestamp Outputs to a log file preferably, or something I can save at some point I don't want to buy the Mark V and have to do a whole lot of my own coding since this project has a bit of a time crunch. Can anyone post some tutorials maybe, or any advice as to how to accomplish my goal with minimal sophistication? I have programming experience and all, but obviously the easier the better. Thank you
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