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Found 5 results

  1. I'm using probeSniffer to log probe requests. I'm on Kali 2.0 using an Alfa AWUSO36NH wireless adapter in monitor mode. Everything works, but about an hour in, the process is "Killed." And it stops logging probe requests. My goal is to run this for several days, non-stop. Is the adapter going into a power management induced sleep? And how would I achieve fixing that so I can collect my data? https://github.com/xdavidhu/probeSniffer Cheers
  2. I'm fairly new to the whole wifi sniffing scene, but I think I want the Mark V since it seems like there's a good community and intuitive interface. I've done a little with OpenWRT stuff with some routers but it hasn't done it for me. I'm looking to buy the Mark V and configure it to do the following: I go to some public location I turn it on (+ maybe some small steps necessary to start the process) Starts displaying MAC addresses, signal strengths, and headers, of people's devices nearby with a timestamp Outputs to a log file preferably, or something I can save at some point I don't want to buy the Mark V and have to do a whole lot of my own coding since this project has a bit of a time crunch. Can anyone post some tutorials maybe, or any advice as to how to accomplish my goal with minimal sophistication? I have programming experience and all, but obviously the easier the better. Thank you
  3. Description FruitySniffer is a bash script that automates sniffing on a network. Compatibility Tested Configuration: Pineapple MK5 1.0.4 | Kali Linux Let me know what configuration worked for you! Setting up the Script: Download the Installer.sh file here *UPDATED Scp the file into the /sd or /usb directory on your pineapple (I recommend WinSCP ) Then SSH into the pineapple by using putty or terminal on linux or a ssh terminal app on the chrome webstore i recommend this one Login with your credentials and then cd to /sd or /usb depends on where you have saved it. When you're in the directory where you saved the Installer.sh file type " bash Installer.sh" or use "chmod +x Installer.sh " and then "./Installer.sh" You will be prompted if you want to install on USB or SD type in capitals where you want to save and hit enter. When done cd to /sd/FruitySniffer/ or /usb/FruitySniffer/ When in the directory type " ./FruitySniffer.sh " And your ready to go! The above doesnt work right now but its fixed in the update alpha v1.1 Download FruitySniffer.zip *UPDATED scp FruitySniffer.zip into the location where you want to install FruitySniffer ssh into the pineapple and Install unzip by typing "opkg update" and then "opkg install unzip" then cd into the directory where you placed FruitySniffer.zip then type unzip FruitySniffer.zip type cd FruitySniffer type chmod +x FruitySniffer.sh type ./FruitySniffer.sh Done! Dependencies Installation: If you followed the instructions above then you see the FruitySniffer main menu and there is an option install dependencies . Choose that option and it will install and download the dependencies! Functions: Arspoofing Dns Spoofing Ettercap Sniffing (Mails,Messages,URL's,Files) Sniffing (Passwords HTTPS(SSL + HTTP ,FTP ,IMAP , SMTP and much more) Dsniff TCPDump Questions or Problems Google Code: https://code.google.com/p/fruitysniffer Bug Submission: https://code.google.com/p/fruitysniffer/issues/entry Questions: Feel free to ask! Download Download : Installer.sh *UPDATED This a Alpha version so if you have problems then you can post them here or on the Google Code page. If you have functions that you want to see added to FruitySniffer then post them below i would love to hear the ideas you guys have! Made by Jesse Izeboud Changelog Fixed issue with installation download again if you had problems installing! Fixed Line 35 issue and few others! Fixed corrupt FruitySniffer.zip file for most people! Added another installation option! Fixed install dependencies bug ! Updates Alpha v1.1 - Bug Fixes + Fixed Installer - Release date "Unknown" Source Code http://pastebin.com/TFbUht5L
  4. Hello! Can anyone help me to solve problem with multiple interfaces sniffing on wifi pineapple m4 ? I want cut in into ethernet cable to sniff RX/TX data over eth0 & eth1 interfaces & write it to dump on flashdrive but when i run : tcpdump -vv -i eth0 -i eth1 -w /usb/dump.cap [/CODE] I've only capture eth0 or eth1 interface when i conected via wireless interface & run : [CODE] brctl addbr sniff brctl delif sniff eth0 brctl addif sniff eth0 brctl addif sniff eth1 tcpdump -vv -i sniff -w /usb/dump.cap [/CODE] I've capture data from bottom interfaces but cannot connect to ssh or webgui via br-lan (wireess interfaces) sorry for my english
  5. I just wanted to share a tool I've found called sessionlist. Its a sniffer that keeps track of all HTTP sessions sniffed over the wire! There is a video showing how it works as well as a download on github! Check it out! Video: http://tinyurl.com/c9amzxj Source: http://tinyurl.com/6q33ojd Enjoy!
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