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  1. is that a lan turtle, mark6, mark5, alfa, and pineapple juice all working together? and what are the components I didnt list?
  2. To me it seems that the 5 is like a gaming laptop, and the 6 is a netbook. Less ports, smaller, designed to be ultra portable. On the analogy performance is not supposed to be looked at, as the internal specs looks to be the same, radios aside. The android part is nice, but functionally speaking that just seems like a new update/interface method. Like an android plug and play feature, for lack of better terms. From what I've now read from thees forums, it just looks like a new operating system. The loss of the dip switches is like not being able to select boot mode on a computer. I like the usb being an ethernet adapter. But just like how netbooks dont have disk drives, the mk6 doesnt have an ethernet jack. If I want the pineapple to become part of a wired network, ill have to use an adapter to bridge the 2. Also since the usb is the power source this time, if I want to "wired" connection to a computer, as soon as I disconnect it, pineapple is off. I cannot plug an ethernet in from a computer, do whatever, then just unplug the ethernet and the pineapple is still doing whatever I told it to do. I just got my mk5 at defcon 23 last summer, and due to school have not played with it as much as I would like to have. So maybe all this is just off due to lack of experience right now. But to me, the mk6 seems like the wifi pineapple "lite" edition designed for war-walking.
  3. Go https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36698-pineapple-standard-mk-v-out-of-stock/page-2and watch the video on post #33. I am possibly a little disappointed because I got a mark v at defcon this year.
  4. Is there any info out about "Code one in bash, python, or php with a dead simple API." I got a module more or less designed, but implementation will depend on the api as to not over complicate it.
  5. It does not come with nmap, but using the module manager you can install it.
  6. G@te_Keep3r

    LAN Turtle

    I set mine up within the past week and used root and sh3llz and it worked.
  7. I do not have the admin rights to do ICS. But setting the turtle settings the same as the desktop and then using it as my eth connection to the local lan using the cable from the desktop works. Now I'm trying to find the way to have the turtle persistently save the network config data. From what I have seen so far, it looks like having to go into the shell on it and make a startup script to do it. Will post the method when found.
  8. On the 1st video he says that it has eth0 and eth1. By default, it is set up to be inward on use and outward on ethernet. The network is port locked, so in theory I could get the mac of the desktop, use the turtle as my local ethernet adapter on laptop, change the turtle mac to match the desktop mac, and then swap ethernet cable from desktop to turtle. But I would think it would be easier to just "daisy chain" off the desktop of possible.
  9. I don't know if this is even possible, I just opened my turtle that I got at defcon this year. I saw TetherATurtle on https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36460-tut-tether-turtle-to-laptop-like-the-wifi-pineapple/, but I am not trying to tell my computer to share connection with turtle. I want to plug the turtle into a desktop with internet connection, then plug an ethernet between the turtle and my laptop, and my laptop to have an internet connection from the turtle. [desktop with internet] <=> [turtle] <==ethernet==> [laptop] The desktop is windows 7, and it is domained. Not sure if I have access to change the internet settings, or else I know I could easily set up ICS. On Monday I will check if the access to change settings it there, but if this is possible it would be a great turtle module if the feature is not something that can be set right now.
  10. Earlier today I was running PineAP, but after not long I was broadcasting over 200 SSIDs. There was such a flood of them that it was making other tasking difficult on other laptops. Reading here, https://www.wifipineapple.com/?portal&bugs&action=view&id=293, and from what I was trying it appears that karma must be on to use harvester. Is there another way to harvest passively as the help popup states it will? Also, I have not been able to find a way to view the list of connected clients. Top right corner it shows you the number of connected clients, but I have not been able to find a client list.
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