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  1. I figured it would be hard to debug so was hoping someone encountered this and had a solution. Not a showstopper but very cool idea to have phone tucked away capturing packets. If I figure it out I'll post here. If you are collecting ideas for the phone app, cool idea would be to periodically copy pcaps to dropbox, or live stream etc. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, just got my bug and was playing with it trying to capture my first pcap on my OnePlus 6T (rooted with latest twrp and magisk). Capture is working fine but when I hit the check to save it the whole phone crashes and reboots. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue that I'm not aware of? Phone was just rooted so it was wiped and the only app on it is the plunder bug. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Sure, this happens with my HP touchpad that has cyanogen installed (ver 9 tenderloin). Once I try using speedtest it would crap out. Last night without realizing it my iPad connected to it while I was restoring from a backup after installing the GM of iOS 8 and all of a sudden I saw the slow blinking blue light that indicated to me that it rebooted. The funny thing is a few days ago I had a few connected (4-5) and it was ok. It was mostly cell phones and a kindle but I don't think much traffic was going on. The next day it started rebooting again. I believe you that it is stable for you
  4. I was monitoring status while I had the pineapple running (had all pineap features enabled plus sslstrip) and once one client connected the cpu was pegging at 100% and within a few seconds it rebooted (it even happens without sslstrip). Maybe that has something to do with it. It is unusable for me. I already requested an exchange and waiting for it to be approved. I'm hoping I just have a bad one. There's just no way one connected client is causing this to fail this way. It makes no sense.
  5. No I haven't but I'll give that a go. I just re-flashed to 2.03 and wanted to leave it without any infusions just to make sure that wasn't the cause but it does reboot with the stock firmware and no infusions. I'll get 'status' and see if I can see anything there.
  6. Hi WiFi Cowboy, I pretty much have dismissed a power issue being the problem. What you describe is pretty similar to what I'm doing (I tried everything, swapped a million sd cards, wifi dongles etc). The whole idea was to use the alpha as wlan2 to connect to another network to provide internet to clients since wlan1 is limited to 11mbps so my thought is that this configuration has to work. I initially saw this with 1.4.1 (I purchased this about a month ago) but with the announcement of the new firmware I decided to wait to see if that fixes it but it didn't. At the same time I'm seeing
  7. Thanks Darren, I'll do that. I was trying to make sure it wasn't a firmware issue before asking for an exchange because it seems stable at times and then out of nowhere it will reset. I thought maybe the new functionality of 2.0.3 was somehow causing it to lock up but even 1.4.1 caused the lockup reboot issues. Especially when I tried speedtest (network load??) it is almost like clockwork. Thanks again.
  8. It looks like we think alike. I already tested the all the supplies. The pineapple juice 6800, the anker astro and the included power supply are all within spec. So if it is a power issue my guess is with the power circuit on the board. I'm running out of ideas and if I can't figure this out or if no-one else responds here I guess I'm going to have to contact hakshop directly.
  9. This is happening with the included supply which is rated at 1.5 amps at 9 volts and with the anker battery which is rated at 2 amps at 9v (and with the pineapple juice 6800). So unfortunately this is not my issue. Plus the idea is to use this with a battery and a wifi dongle. Also I can't remember where but I think I read that the MKV should work with usb 5 volts, not sure how much functionality it would have though.
  10. 1.4.1 has the same results. I used an android tablet to connect to the pineapple and ran speedtest and used a laptop to go to some random website and all the lights except the green and red lit up before rebooting again. That's why I'm asking the group here. Not sure if this is a firmware issue or hardware. Maybe Seb or Darren can chime in and let us know if others have any of these issues. Kind of useless if it reboots once someone connects to it.
  11. I'm attaching the dmesg output. I already re-flashed it once and I'm about to go to 1.4.1 and see how it goes. I tried to attach but it would not let me so I'm pasting it in. A few seconds after capturing dmesg output it rebooted again.
  12. Yes I did try the power supply as well. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but want to be sure. Maybe there's something faulty with mine if this is not happening to anyone else.
  13. Hey guys I'm having a frustrating time with my pineapple. It keeps rebooting especially when a client connects. I have all of the PineAP features enabled as well as urlsnarf and sslstrip. I tried using the power supply, the 6800 battery as well as the anker battery (both in 9 and 12v) as well connecting via wp5 and with the alpha (awus036neh). I tried swapping sd cards, changing the karma log from main to sd, installing infusions to both main and sd and still the same. I sometimes get it to be stable for a few hours but for the most part I keep getting reboots. Has anyone else experienced
  14. Hey Darren et al, I have a Ralink RT5370 dongle and while it connects and provides internet to clients I'm finding issues with it such as having the pineapple lock up, random reboots, etc to the point where it's unusable. Especially after a client connects I can expect it to reboot. Much more stable with ICS. My Alpha is coming tomorrow and I'll see how it goes with that. This is with 2.0.3. If anyone else is seeing this it may have to be removed from the list for now.
  15. Hey guys has anyone experienced this with 2.0.2? I notice sometimes that karma and pineap just stops. Nothing gets populated in the log and nothing can connect. Wasn't sure what the issue was and thought it might have been the ralink usb dongle I was using for wlan2 that was causing issues with the usb and locking it up. So I ICS it with my kali box and start it up again last night. It worked fine without any issues so thought the wlan2 was it so figured I'll ICS it until my alpha arrives. Today it happened again. So I started looking at the logs to see if I can see any problems but did
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