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  1. Anything in the /tools dir will then be moved to /tools on the bb system partition. You will see it when you ssh into the bunny and ls -l /tools
  2. KenPC

    Violation of CoC

    Sorry for a stupid question, but where to put the md.ps1, server.py and p.ps1 to get this to work? root of the bashbunny filesystem or in the USB storage FS? Edit: after looking at the payload .txt, I noticed it's calling it in $switchdir. I got it now. EDIT2: anyone having issues with it waiting for the websever, but it's up and hosting p.ps1. When I manually run it, the BB goes green. Otherwise it just sits flashing blue forever. Running on Windows7pro base install fully up to date. I'm no ps pro otherwise i'd debug myself :/ I'm more of a Physical Penetration-ist myself. Just dabbled in some coding.
  3. KenPC

    Violation of CoC

    Errors out on the first powershell window.
  4. Most likely the sites that don't work are using SSL/TLS. try rr on an http:// and then https:// youll notice it works on one but not the other. ssl strip doesnt exactly work anymore and will just cause browsing issues for clients since most modern browsers impliment HSTS.I'm sure hak5 is working on a workaround but currently, sniffing, packet injection will only work with http://
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