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  1. im a bit new to KALI & Linux so ill try my best to inc all the info you will need and any help or advice welcome and appreciated im trying to get my alfa AWUS036AC (AC1200 USB WIFI ADAPTER) to work on kali everthing i try seams to fail it mostly works up until i get to the MAKE steps the i get this ~( inflating: rtl8812au-linux/include/usb_vendor_req.h inflating: rtl8812au-linux/include/wifi.h inflating: rtl8812au-linux/include/wlan_bssdef.h inflating: rtl8812au-linux/include/xmit_osdep.h inflating: rtl8812au-linux/Kconfig inflating: rtl8812au-linux/LICENSE in
  2. ill try it on Linux on my desktop wen i get home from work
  3. Cheers Barry but still no luck no black box that way ether just an annoying bing letting me no it not possible to open it
  4. http://postimg.org/gallery/2v9f3k24g/ That is the pics incase my setup is wrong
  5. Cheers BeNe that helped But after i open the com 3 black window it stay that way no text I Will upload some pics in a few mins
  6. Hi bit of a newb when it comes to this so bare with me and ill be as detailed as possible and i will thank you i advance for any help given my prolem is i have a TLL to usb and the 5 cables (RD,ORGE,YLW,BWN,BLK) and i have my pineapple but i cannot figure out how to get my PC to reconise that its plugged in it makes the windows noise for a plugin device and it shows in device manager but PuTTY wont reconise it is there Thanks
  7. Hi, Today a thought occurred to me about networking a pineapple to a second pineapple or more to make a mega pineapple or something. So my question; 1) Is it possible. 2) How would you do it. 3) is there any point in doing it please add any points that you would like to make and add any questions that i may have missed.
  8. Sorry to ask so many questions but what can i actually do with a WP to my iphone Thanks
  9. Is it possible to log All things pineapple to one file and save it every 10 seconds or so to an sd card i mean everything every little thing thank you Ps is this the right place to ask these questions
  10. Thank you XcelleratorWhat about with other phone os's?
  11. Hi I was wandering if it were possible to access the pictures on a phone ( iPhone 4/5) And other stuff like texts also I was wandering if it was possible a way to clone it or any things that I could do I am a newb but I am trying to learn as much as possible. Thank you in Advance
  12. Hi i would just like to say how amazing Hak5 is i had a problem with my WP MK5 and i emailed them at the Hakshop and 2 days later i get an email saying that a replacement is on its way, I have to say that is the best customer service i have ever received. I will continue to love you guys and i think what you are doing is great
  13. Does anyone know anywhere people like me can find tutorials on all the stuff the pineapple can do because i cannot find many for the MK5 (or any MK ) on YT and google etc. Thank you -J
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