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  1. Hey guys, I'm following a tutorial on how to set the nano up for war driving and for some reason when i try to telnet to my phone to connect to the gps (using the share gps app the terminal gives me an error as if telnet isn't a valid command root@Pineapple:~# telnet localhost 50000 -ash: telnet: not found https://holisticsecurity.io/2016/02/27/wardriving-wifi-pineapple-nano-mobile-world-congress-2016-barcelona/ any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  2. You were absolutely right i reflashed and reformatted the sd card and it's working fine now i installed the ap locator module (i can't remember what it's called atm) to the sd card and for some reason it was eating up memory like crazy after the wipe the module is working normally again though
  3. So I'm having a problem I've never encountered before with my nano for the first hour and 29 minutes everything works perfectly but as soon as the 30 minute mark hits without fail the nano locks up first wlan1 goes down and the entire interface stops responding then wlan0 goes down and the indicator light goes a pale green and I've tried a soft and hard reset and the hard reset works... until that 1 hour and 30 minutes of up time and the problem repeats if anyone has any ideas as to what might be the problem i could use a little help
  4. yeah sorry if that wasnt clear i took some benedyl about 45 minuites ago and im pretty out of it allergy season is in full swing here
  5. export data as a csv and load into an offlline saved map either on a box or mobile device... doesnt give you real time info like what business is located on that spot but if all you're trying to do is get the lay of the land ap wise that shouldnt matter there is also a really good 3rd party map app i downloaded not too long ago for android that pulls map data from google but stores the map pins locally on your phone that recieves KML imports now we just need a good looking module to accept a gps dongle save scanned data as a table and export it as a csv or kml!!! :-) https://support.google.com/mymaps/answer/3024836?hl=en https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.exlyo.mapmarker&hl=en
  6. hey I was messing around with signal strength and i had a few ideas I wanted to throw out. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 1. every time you hit the scan button the graph sections change color which can make it hard to glance down and see what you're doing on the fly, couldn't the color be assigned by mac address and reset as soon as the ap is out of range 2. It would be great if this could be configured to find the distance of clients as well as aps and define the association or lack there of between ap and client 3. this would be great to integrate into recon mode!!! thanks for your time Archer
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