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  1. For now, what I've found.... 1.Factory Reset 2. install new 3.0 beta, 3. DON'T update PineAP, Recon And Logging modules. That way, the MarkV works, including the PineAP modules. Then you can install the rest of the included modules as you wish or, if you prefer real pen test success, go manually, theres lots of tutorials. It's still really good hardware
  2. This v3 Beta version works good out of the box. However, the three system modules stop working when updated to their last version from the modules manager. PineAP 1.9 - Recon 1.3 and Logging 1.1 Any idea what to do to fix that?
  3. Hit me up! Barely used... ;) My loss, your gain! Express shipping included! Can also throw in the tactical EDC Shoulder bag for 20$ more ! Also the external battery that came with it for another 20$
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