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  1. That worked! Thank You so much! I love You man! Thanks to inTheDMZ too :) It was not just plain stupidity but rather ignorance on my side. I still don't quite get how iptables and NAT works but I am going to read that up, I promise! =) Now I am fighting with making this rule persistent and to create an exception for the printer's IP :) I'll keep You posted ^_^
  2. I supposed, that this would be only an optional line, in case other servers should provide DNS-functions. I changed it as You recommended. Also I tried to provide the DNS-Server of our TeleComm-Provider, just in case. I also tried only offering SVR5 or the router as DNS-Server by commenting the other lines out. None did work. I also checked the routes in the client. It showed as Gateway once and the other time. Both times no connection to the internet. But I can always reach SVR5 via SSH and the config-page from the client as well as from any clients connected to
  3. Hey! I'm trying to use 2 pineapples to provide wifi for two storeys of the same building (office with roundabout 10-15 persons each). I got them configured, they have access to the internet but they don't relay it to their clients (be it eth or wifi). Any clients connected to a pineapple can ping the pineapple only. traceroutes fail right after the pineapple (tried this for Macs and Win7/8-machines - also for an android phone - except for the traceroute-part of course). - I tried to correct the config files (/etc/config/ network, dhcp, wireless, firewall) - I tried to leave wide open the f
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