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  1. Never mind, found everything I needed to know in this thread. (https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/26066-flash-a-hornet/)
  2. I'm going to assume the wireless on my board is bad as I've tried the gambit of other fixes listed within these forums. (new cables, antennas, software modifications, etc) With that, is the custom OpenWRT that is used on these devices available to download? Or can I just install OpenWRT and then be able to install the firmware from wifipineapple.com? Or do I only need the firmware from wifipineapple.com? I see I can get a new motherboard from the OEM for $25, but it would be blank on arrival and require that I connect via a serial cable and upload the OS via TFTP, which I could likely handle. Or can I simply ship mine back to Hak5 and $25 for a replacement as I'm past the 60 days I could exchange / return the device? Edit - fixed spelling
  3. Morning I too am having this issue after purchasing a wifi-pineapple. I have tried the various solutions posted here. I purchased a batch of 5 cables because others here have posted that they had to purchase a couple before the got a working one. I have seen no improvement. I had a few antenna/s sitting around and none of those less the 9db unit have improved the signal strength and then that only took it from maybe 10 feet max range to 20-25 and did not oddly enough seem to improve the range to which the unit could see other wifi signals, only the range in which other devices could see (but not connect reliably) to the pineapple. I have also upgraded from the 2.8.1 firmware to the 3.0.0 firmware. Although the pineapple gui seems to respond better (faster) the weak signal issue has not been resolved. I have also played with changing channels, and checked the broadcast strength (18db). Reading the many threads that have been posted on this site there seems to be this assumption that this issue only comes in one form, bad cable. I can promise you I have spend hours dicking with replacement cables and seen no improvement to date. What other options do we have? Can it be returned?
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