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  1. Well if votes count then I'll go Sheffield as well but I think London or Manchester is more realistic for people being able to travel to
  2. I was staying in there while doing the SANS wireless security course. Obviously I didn't use any of the hacking techniques taught to us but I'm sure if I had I would have been able to access a number of local APs without any problems :-) From what I remember they only had sit down access, no wifi. They do have an outdoor spa though! Anyway, you get the access at the meeting and by the time you get back from the pub you don't need access at the hostel!
  3. It was a year ago since I used it but this one was very good then http://www.ace-hotel.co.uk/
  4. When I went to SANS in London I stayed at a realy cheap hostel, about 6 quid a night. SANS held the event at the the University of Westminster. The location was good, it has a tube stop just outside and is geared up for students so penny pinching hackers should fit in fine.
  5. I'll throw a vote in for the UK. If it comes over here I'm happy to help organise stuff. Wherever it is it should be close to a major airport so that there is little travelling once people hit the country.
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