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  1. I'm raising money on GoFundMe. Please support me: https://t.co/v6XvJi0eEN @gofundme https://t.co/jLm5ZVnAZe

  2. Join the movement. Take action and become a #globalcitizen. https://t.co/o48w78Ke0T

  3. https://t.co/IbzMKggkHP

  4. Migrating our Hosting clients to the second Intel Xeon. Guaranteed 100% Uptime, as usual. 100 Mbps Uplink w/ 3 SSD RAID Drives #redundancy

  5. late night of scripting, setting up my new Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 w. 10 Tb bandwidth win. the the future home of http://t.co/j5XA4Tv39f

  6. dreamweaver problem that randomly deleted half my code, AND closed the tags properly (not kidding) has been solved! http://t.co/wrqWB5V8aC

  7. Web, Application & Mobile Dev made easy. Launch Your App Today!

  8. html email=forget everything u know about good web scripting habits ha, back to late 90's early 2000's nested tables http://t.co/awUHv2g8ZA

  9. Check out this new motherboard http://t.co/zOIGpX5fKO

  10. Just submitted I.K.M.R. to Apple for approval, look for it in the AppStore soon!

  11. I just joined LinkedIn and created my professional profile. Join my network. http://t.co/gTEHTHBFvv #in

  12. is there any update regarding whats been discussed above?
  13. win on this. I began scripting this project a few weeks ago, as far as a case goes, right now I've just got the raspi sitting on top of the pelican case with the pineapple, anker usb hub, cruzer & stripped 4g modem all stuffed inside (tight as hell i might add).
  14. I've been tinkering around with my Pi and pineapple recently too. It would seem the possibilities are somewhat endless. I also prefer using good ol' wheezy instead of PwnPi, in my experience PwnPi has too many issues as its still in beta and has yet to work out many a kink. Wheezy, with the right packages installed, is much more stable and if you remove some of the dead weight (with pen-testing in mind) and boot with a UHS Class 1 SD card then you can speed up your pwnage significantly. imho.
  15. Has anyone used or had any luck with any of AT&T's current USB modems? I currently use the Alfa radio that came with the elite package and once in a while use my iPhone tethering as an internet source; but am looking to free up my phone for use and am assuming I'll get better bandwidth allotment for connected clients with an external AT&T LTE modem. I just would like to know if you guys had any experience with any of their newer modems in use with our pineapples. Thanks in advance for the input. p.s. here are the modems I'm considering: AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G (preferred) AT&T Unite AT&T Mobile Hotspot MiFiĀ® Liberate AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G
  16. first contracted pen test today was EPIC! lost my phone in the process, but all around great day; thank you @AmericanExpress

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