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  1. If you are using two different wifi cards such as an Alfa and a TP Links and you want your alfa to be assigned as wlan0 which will be karma. Simply nano /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and find each interface that you want to change according to mac and swap wlan0 and wlan1 # USB device 0x:0x (ath9k_htc) SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="f8:d1:11:0e:00:00", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="wlan*", NAME="wlan0" # USB device 0x:0x (rtl8187) SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:c0:ca:50:00:00", ATTR{dev_id}==
  2. Has anyone found a work around for stripping SSL? Would like to throw a 3G dongle or Alfa and be able to snatch SSL passwords and pick up the device later retrieve the log or access remotely. I need to find short term solution until I get my pogoplug working.
  3. Did some troubleshooting. Came up with some strange results. One my computer time was way off. Another was while using Backtrack 5 as a victim I was able to grab passwords for twitter and so on but not gmail. When I switched to Windows 7 as the victim. I could grab them all. Don't have a mac os to try yet. Thought it was kinda strange.
  4. Forgot to add my test environment. Victim --> Backtrack 5 R1 Attacker--> ARMv5 XFCE. Victim attempting to access gmail via mozilla firefox 9.0.1.
  5. Anyone experience this issue with SSLStrip? Also still posting pages in HTTPS. Eth0 pineapple/Wlan0 Pogoplug
  6. Got XFCE up and running and a pineapple script. Wicd is being a little buggy shuts down when attempting to access wireless. May need to switch to network manager. Curious to see how much this kirkwood 1.2Ghz processor and 256mb RAM can do.
  7. Might try that when I rip my hair out with arch linux. LXterminal with LDXE is not wanting to work. Need to try some alternate terminals. Or go with xfce.
  8. Looks sweet Darren. Switched battery packs due to space in the pelican case? Thought you were using a Trent.
  9. Wifi is up using an alfa. May be switching to an edimax micro depending on range when all of this is gutted and stuffed into an enclosure.
  10. Tried to switch to debian squeeze with no success switched back to arch linux. I was tired of using pacman -S and wanted to use apt-get. Anyways... Installed SSLStrip, dsniff, iptables and tcpdump. Now on to wireless and figuring out how to get X.
  11. Can already tell this is going to be fun. Successful flash of ARMv5te Linux on Pogoplug E02 but having trouble getting a GUI to work.
  12. I thought about 3G dongle a few days back. I was testing out tethering my androids connection with the pineapple for foot/vehicle pentest. The price of all the hardware being snatched would suck. Not to mention ensure you use a prepaid 3G for a harder paper trail. As far as omni directional antenna I would build an antenna similar to the link below. Just have to cut it to wavelength using a vswr formula. Been a bit since I have had to deal directly with the RF world. I am used to tactical radios that deal with different freqs. As far as enclosures, I stopped by Home Depot took a look at some e
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