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  1. Just got my Pineapple 2 weeks ago.. starting to try to use it now and I'm running into the same issue - it will reboot constantly. Can't keep a ssh or webinterface session live for very long at all. If I can add some logs or anything for analysis, just let me know what you might find interesting. Thanks!
  2. Ok, No idea what happened, but when I booted to a gparted live cd and looked at the USB key, it showed the partitions, but didn't list their format (should have been ext4)... I reformatted and then everything went just fine... (I had to follow the guide yet again). Thanks for the help though-
  3. Yeah - I've tried to manually mount it.... here's the output of "ls /dev/sd*": /dev/sda /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 Looks right to me...
  4. Hi- So I had my pineapple set up before with Sandisk Cruzer micro - properly partitioned and such with 12Gb Ext4 as main and ~4Gb Ext4 as swap... It was working in the pineapple, but now that I've upgraded the firmware to 2.8.0, I can't get infusions to install to it anymore. The really interesting thing is that from Putty, I can install to the USB using opkg command line... Why isn't the web interface reading the USB? Here is my fstab config: lusb output: lsusb Output Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0781:5571 SanDisk Corp. Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub and this is what mount says: Any help would be extremely appreciated! I haven't reformatted and started over with the drive just yet... I'm hoping to avoid that. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks! Didn't realize one port was DHCP and the other was hard-set to only use as gateway...
  6. Hi- I can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere.. I'd like to connect my pineapple directly to my network via Ethernet cable... How can I do that? I'm guessing that I set the default gateway to be my home router's ip address ( right? What else would I have to change to get this working? I'm running Windows right now - so please try to refrain from being Linux specific... I do have a few live cds around here, but I'd rather not at the moment. Thanks!
  7. As I said in my post - I find this to be such a small number of payloads - surprised really that there aren't more..
  8. Hey guys & gals- I'm fairly new to the forum here, but I'm surprised at the number of shared payloads.. Can some of you share your cool scripts? Feel free to generalize server addresses and specifics, but I have to think that there are a lot more out there than are in the github... I know I would really appreciate it - and I'm sure others would as well. Thanks in advance!! (and when I finally get something good, I'll be sure to return the favor!)
  9. Hi.... Just got my pineapple yesterday and I seem to be hitting a block - I am able to get a DHCP IP address from the pineapple, however am unable to log in... I run the wp4.sh script and get the following output: I can't even ping the pineapple.... or access with url or trying what is written in place of that url some places: Any help would be greatly appreciated! Yes - I did figure out I have to use the POE/LAN port - not the WAN/LAN EDIT:
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