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Found 5 results

  1. I Picked up the Sandisk Wireless Connect 16G at w.mart for $20 figured it would be fun to hack Processor: Marvell: 88wm302 (per FCC filing pictures) I tried pulling apart the firmware, comparing between the three firmware files I was able to find (2034) (2038) (2050) I was able to narrow the checksum down to a 96 byte area of the file but I just can't seem to crack the encoding maybe (3-way cipher??) I do know the version number is checksummed with the value in decimal converted to hex I finally gave up and took the device apart, there is a SD card inside the device. Taking the card out and putting it into a card reader I was able to see the device had (2) 16mb uninitialized partitions the second of them had the device firmware in it. While the card is within the Connect device this second partition is not accessible. File size is stored at the beginning of every file but I have yet to find the drive table so it must be a custom filesystem. I have edited the file 'sort.js' to allow index redirection to my own file I'll be adding this once i get it finished and simplified the process a bit. Notes: settings.xml is accessible from root 'sandisk.com/settings.xml' the device uses a http.post method to rewrite the xml file, I expanded this to try and re-write the scripts but got reply of 'Bad Request' /myconnect/files/ and /myconnect/wfd/ are the same directory javascript is in /static/js/ the media javascript is in /static/mejs css is in /static/css/ Index.html seems to be auto generated from a templatesort.js fills the page
  2. Hi, I have a couple of 64MB micro SD card (some have TransFlash written on them) but my ducky does not seem to recognise them, all I get is a red LED on the ducky. Is there a minimum spec of microSD card or a specific format for low capacity SD cards? At the moment they are formatted to FAT with an Allocation unit size 2048 bytes. I know it’s not the payload as have put it on the microSD the duck came with (128MB I think) and a 16GB and both work fine.
  3. Hi , i bought two sets of pineapples , one for me and the other for a friend. We got the elite package because we expected all the hardware would work well together. But we have both found that when using the Pineapple with the juice battery pack there isn't enough power to keep the SanDisk USB working. After looking around on the forums we have found many people complaining about this and recommending the Anker instead. If i had known there was a problem I would have just bought the basic unit and put the extra towards an Anker.
  4. Hi- So I had my pineapple set up before with Sandisk Cruzer micro - properly partitioned and such with 12Gb Ext4 as main and ~4Gb Ext4 as swap... It was working in the pineapple, but now that I've upgraded the firmware to 2.8.0, I can't get infusions to install to it anymore. The really interesting thing is that from Putty, I can install to the USB using opkg command line... Why isn't the web interface reading the USB? Here is my fstab config: lusb output: lsusb Output Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0781:5571 SanDisk Corp. Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub and this is what mount says: Any help would be extremely appreciated! I haven't reformatted and started over with the drive just yet... I'm hoping to avoid that. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I am having issues with getting my usb to work on my pineapple. I am trying to set up my Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32gb. I have been referring to the guide posted by Darren "How-to: Enable Usb Mass storage with swap partition". When I plug in my Sandisk Cruzer, Ubuntu's Disk Utility is able to pick up this usb. However, Ubuntu is not allowing me to proceed with any of the options "Delete Partition" or "Format Drive". The error message says "Not Authorized". I'm trying to delete the existing partition(SANDISK 34GB FAT) but it won't allow me. Is this some sort of permission issue? Do I need to run as administrator? If so please advise how to. I have attached images of the disk partition & error message. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Kind regards, infektiv
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