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  1. true, but I am looking to send a single deauth packet and not multiple ones. MDK3 as far as I know sends A LOT to all (except those macs you specify in a whitelist)
  2. thanks for the answers guys! I' ll try both first thing tomorrow morning and give feedback. By the way is it just me or receiving around 128 deauth within about one sec with the aireplay-ng -0 1 is quite an obvious signature for an IDS? Shouldn't there be an option controlling this thing?
  3. Hey, first post here and I hope I am on the right thread. I am trying to send a single deauth frame. Normally I can send those with aireplay-ng but the -0 1 option actually sends a bach of 128 not 1. This might not be the best idea if the admin is running an IDS for example. I've been trying to find alternative tools for the job with not much luck. Does anyone know if there is a tool or a way with the aircrack-ng suite to do that? Thanks people.
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