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  1. Definitely looking forward to it. Any ETA on its release/availability for testing?
  2. Ok, i have a really basic Proof of concept working. Just save it as something.html and open it in your browser. Select the module from the drop down, wait, tadah DO NOT click on them all in rapid succession. I crashed my router that way hah. I'm working on preventing that at the moment, but havent gotten it working. Read the commented out source to see what i tried, and also just how brain dead simple the whole script/page? is. NOTE: This is just preliminary testing on its feasibility. Sometime very soon when i have some time i will revisit it and write it up in a WAY more efficient m
  3. Seems simple enough to me. Lemme try to whip something up real quick as a POC
  4. Would this be possible? I can see how it would be, but i just wanted to see if one of the DEV's could confirm the complexity of it. It seems simple enough, i think... Find and run the commands that the HTML/JS ui calls, wait till it executes correctly and exits, then execute the next module fetch/get command, wait till completion, so on so forth. For my purposes, a simple static script would work fine. But it would be nice if it could somehow parse a list of availible modules, their install scripts/commands, etc and then prompt the user to choose which modules they want, and then the use
  5. I would definitely be interested in Beta Testing if still possible
  6. While i know its very possible, I was just wondering if anyone could possibly help me try to figure out how i could go about using an MK4 essentially as Dual Wan load-balancing router. For example,
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