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  1. hello i am using your set up, but with 2 AWUS036H when i use airodump-ng mon0 i dont get anything i even tried –ignore-negative-one but still nothing can you help me please?
  2. I tried my Cruzer Fit in my friend's WiFi Pineapple, and it worked. So apparently the USB port in my WiFi Pineapple is broke. What is your return policy in this case? can you help me please? Thank You.
  3. I tried powering up the WiFi Pineapple then plugging the Fit in, but it did not work.
  4. I tried to follow this guide and the other one with gparted. both worked fine, I formatted the flash to ext4 and everything, but when I plug the flash drive in the WiFi Pineapple it does not work. The led does not light up, and when I SSH into the WiFi Pineapple, and issue mkswap /dev/sda2 , it just tells me "No such file or directory" Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is the USB port in my WiFi Pineapple broke? Pic related: My WiFi Pineapple with the 4GB SanDisk Cruze Fit pluged in the USB port. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/img20120325143321.jpg http://imgur.com/6xU3p
  5. im trying, but i cant. it just gives me "permission denied" message
  6. hi im new here, so can u please tell me if i got it right or not 1- unzip the file 2- copy it to root 3- installing stewps.sh using putty by the command "opkg install" dud i get it right?
  7. thank you well, what other basic things can i do with the pineapple other than dns spoofing?
  8. is it possible to get the key strokes of the people connected to your pineapple? sorry for being such a noob, but im trying to learn.
  9. Thank you. I'm sorry I didn't clarify that, but what I really want to is connect it through wifi. Is there any possible way of doing that. Even if it meant using an additional external wireless card.
  10. Hi I just bought a pineapple IV, and I want to know if there is a possible way to connect it to the internet without having it to be plugged to a computer. please help me even if if sounds like a noob question to you. Thank you
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