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  1. irongeek has some videos on the subject http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=videos/osint-cyberstalking-footprinting-recon
  2. dont know if this was mentioned, but i found some nice pentest simulation lab`s http://forums.heorot.net/ http://www.wrgross.com/blogs/security/2009/11/08/setting-up-a-pen-testing-lab-in-a-box/ the above guide works on windows to Happy Hacking!
  3. gu3

    Bt5 Arm Idea

    i like it atleast, keep on going!
  4. #sorry i didnt read the wall of ascii. Ignore this post
  5. you could install boxee and watch netflix as an app http://support.boxee.tv/entries/86465-the-netflix-app edit: i think it should work in boxee. never tested it tho
  6. http://www.4walled.org ^ you have died and gone to wallpaper heaven
  7. gotta update my conky!
  8. http://www.amahi.org/ anyone tested this? vpn, media stream, calendar etcetc. almost out of the box for your home server. gief! i should buy a usb dongle one of these days ....
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