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  1. It would be say, more powerful with a massive feature jump, don't all the peripherals for the current pineapple go straight over to the rpi? I.e. Hak5 will offer them at the same price as they currently do for the pineapple? Even if the price is $25 difference the feature jump of having local msf is massive. Think Meterpreter shells in the pineapple web ui.The discussion wasn't anti pineapple go do it yourself, pen testers already know hey can do it themselves. The discussion was if the pineapple changes platform rather than diy. The hak5 team still release an end to end wifi testing platform
  2. Agreed Barry, a few of the negative posts do look like they are after a turnkey solution rather than a platform. Re the Linux support on the compute stick, you can order them from Amazon with Ubuntu pre installed. Perhaps there could be a raspberry pi fork in the future at a higher price point (pineapple pro), there are starting to be some really nice looking compact battery + touch screen raspberry pi designs out there. Imagine this bad boy with dual antenna booting up to a touch screen interface designed by hak5 http://www.au.engadget.com/2015/11/25/this-rasberry-pi-handheld-wants-to-be-eve
  3. Wow, it's been a while since I have visited this forum but a new comer would be forgiven if they thought the wheels had fallen off this project. There are negative posts all over the show. Are Seb and Darren taking note of the negative downturn in comments and discussing if their new products direction will increase their customer satisfaction? Is increasing the spec of their custom hardware and continuing the use of open wrt going to solve the customer questions posted in the forum? Times have changed since previous versions of the pineapple, we now have Intel sticks running Windows 10 in
  4. I have not studied digital forensics but if it were me i would teach myself by capturing a pcap of multiple different scenarios: - client requests private ip name resolution - client requests public ip reverse look up - client requests public host name resolution - client requests resolution of an ip that the dns server contains a record for - client requests resolution of an ip that the server does not have a record for - client requests requests different types of records ie mx records. now open up each of the captures and strip them down to just the dns request..(add dns specific fi
  5. "Thats just simply not true lol." Really? i didn't have to look far for other people experiencing the same thing: (note the business as usual comment) https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30908-fbi-police-confiscating-the-pineapple-lawyer-up-and-shut-your-mouth/?p=233389 "OpenWRT is the best choice because it runs smooth on routers." My interest was in moving away from router hardware and running the whole thing from a rasberry pi. I'm not aware of any functions open-wrt can do that kali with usb wifi cant, kali has all the evil ap scripts ready to go. As for stability, there is no is
  6. Why would anyone want Kali on a drop box? Because with open-wrt you are in dependency hell! Surely i am not the only one who has experienced this? Have you tried to do much custom outside of the infusions? its like smacking your head against a wall. WOOOOOW HOLD up dude you cant do that with this kernel!!! the infusion releases are slow because of the dev time involved in getting them to work with the pineapples hardware and open-wrt (really appreciate the people who put time into this work). Each of those infusions would have been available day 1 if the dropbox was based on Kali or similar s
  7. Thanks for the links guys.So once you have the swap on the class 10 sd, would you say VNC is usable whilst running multiple tasks? thinking about using vnc for gui tasks like w3af...etc. I must admit, i did expect hak5 to move the project over to a web front end for kali on low cost hardware such as the pi. Open-wrt was great but wasn't that decision made in a time when there was no Arm pentest distro's and hardware costs were much higher? the kali linux powered pineapple would cost more yes, but you might make that back in stability + dev time mucking around with open wrt installs. It can be
  8. I canned swapping my Kali VM for a rasberry pi due to seeing posts about performance issues. Sounds like you are getting your raspberry to do a lot! beef, SET, metasploit, spoofed page web services.. how do you find the performance? what connection method are you using, CLI or VNC? Also, how do you rate limit the connections using your iPhone hotspot? nodogsplash with injected beef hook? would hate for a client to start a massive download like an ios update for example. Some links to buying the equip mentioned in this post would be excellent i.e.. the battery that can run both raspberry and
  9. Melbourne Darren! I would be more than happy to give you a Melbourne tour, Anthony Bourdain style! Best Bars, best restaurants...best wifi's. It would also give us Aussie pen testers a chance to meet each other. I would love to start an aussie pen testers user group, maybe a location based hak5 chapters type set up (pictures a group of dudes (and Angelina Jolie) stealing each others fries with roller bladers cruising past). It's time to notch up some corks to the cowboy hat!
  10. My set-up: adsl modem in full bridged mode ------> apple usb ethernet dongle, the usb dongle is passed through to a PFsense Virtual machine as its WAN Nic. Pfsense handles the PPOE and all other network tasks (Firewall, DHCP, DNS etc...), out of the box it also handles your open vpn end points. Then i configure the VM to also use the hosts Nic as its LAN port. The hosts LAN port ------> apple airport extreme---->wifi to all my internal machines. With this setup i run OSSIM monitoring the hosts NIC, which in turn gives me a complete Intrusion detection system as all the network traffi
  11. Hi Spazi, You need to be careful about the terminology you are using...active scanning is illegal, passive scanning is legal. Making active requests which probe the website for "weaknesses" is breaking the law but passively reviewing the source to make sure there isn't things like persistent beef hook XSS code isn't. If you start using automated scanners against public websites then you are in the bad guy camp regardless of your intentions. If the problem is as widespread as you say it is, then i would go into business retrofitting each house with a pfsense router. Implement the Snort intrus
  12. Moriarty, Dude! this looks like it could speed up my workflow and make me feel like i'm playing tron bikes at the same time! I will have a play tonight. beef hook injection would be a nice mitm option. cheers, isolot.
  13. I been AWOL doing the Ceh exam and pesky work etc, sorry for the late reply.. how did you go dude? i'll get back into it this weekend, will see how good bt5 r3 is at holding a wifi connection with low signal strength. Super keen on giving that mitm pen testing web ui that was posted a go too! if that works it will speed up my workflow. In general though, i love the macbook air, wouldn't trade it for any other pentesting lappy! cheers buddy, Isolot. Isolot.
  14. It's on it's way, i will let you know how i go. I am also testing snort on the rasberrypi with the ninja throwing star for intrusion detection on my home network.
  15. New world, is there any need for the pineapple in your setup? Wouldn't it be cleaner to have your pi pump out the hotspot and do away with the pineapple. pwnstar is a great script to start up the access point and sniffers/ssl strip all from the rasberrypi.
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